Pre-marital Fertility Screening Package Singapore can prove to be beneficial result for your needs

Having a premarital test is a crucial step towards your detailed health assessment especially for a soon to be married couple.

Why go for a Fertility Screening Package Singapore?

Going for a premarital Premarital Screening Singapore is important to ensure that you and your partner are tested for genetics, infection and other disease transmissions. This ensures that you can prevent transmission of disease to both each other as well as their children.

Undoubtedly, marriage is a huge step and transformation point for the couple and once they decide to start a family, they need to ensure that they have access to the right Fertility Screening Package Singapore for the best results. This helps to overcome emotional, social, familial stigma and ultimately assists to aid in growth of a healthy and prosperous relationship. As a result of the same, the package opted by you should be able to provide accurate and unbiased information about your present fertility and health needs along with creating a suitable educational program to help you to achieve the desired family goals. Your selected service provider would use information about the following to aid in understanding more about your future course of action –

  • Family Background
  • Hereditary Factors
  • Age of the couple
  • Diet plan
  • Weight management
  • Handling addictive substances
  • Exercise plan

Long term benefits of opting for Premarital Screening

Going for a Premarital Screening Singapore is important to ensure that you and your partner are tested by qualified medical professionals who help you with framing a suitable course of action.

Going through the above-mentioned program helps you to identify potential health problems, risks and uncertainties especially in terms of having children and family progression. It becomes vital for both the couple to get screened to get aid in evaluating their genetic issues and undertaking a preemptive approach to problems.

Other vital reasons to seek Premarital Screening Singapore

  • Gauging the positive health status of the prospective bride and groom
  • Detection of various infections, diseases, etc. Like Hepatitis B infection, HIV, HCV, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, etc.
  • Identifying carriers of genetic issues to get information about the potential risk of disease among children
  • Identifying the chances of having children with severe health issues and mental problems
  • Identifying the chances of a couple carrying an affected child especially for issues like – Thalassemia, Sickle Cell Anemia, Hemophilia
  • Gaining access to the right Fertility Screening Package Singapore

Taking premarital screening before you decide to get wedded

Premarital screening is vital to rule out the carrier status of potential parents. This also helps to diagnose and overcome issues like HIV and HBV and other life-threatening conditions that may impact your child’s health. Therefore, it is crucial to safeguard yourself from such issues that may impact your child’s future and hence overcome any potentially life-threatening conditions using a preemptive approach.

This also helps to ensure that you have established a clean bill in case of asymptomatic and persistent infections while also overcoming issues associated with morbidity and mortality especially when transmitted through the transfusion of blood or its related products.

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