Precautions for your wig to last a long time are

To wear a wig every day, you need to take care of it. It is this maintenance and the care you give it that will largely determine the longevity of your wig. Here are some important points of precautions for your BRAIDS WIG to last a long time are:

– Avoid any source of heat: heat devitalizes fibers, dehydrates them, facilitates breakage, and melts them. There is one exception to this though, some wigs like the one below are of such a high quality that you can use a hair straightener on them up to 180 ° C without risking damaging the wig.
– Avoid chafing: This is one of the biggest causes of wear. Friction with collars, scarves, etc. is bad for fiber.
– Take care to study the wig you have chosen: It doesn’t have to be about buying an expensive wig, they all have their little requirements. Knowing them will allow you to enjoy your wig for a long time even if it is inexpensive.
– Keep your natural hair clean, dry, and tangle-free: Just because you have a wig doesn’t mean you have to neglect your hair. Their condition will influence your comfort and hygiene.
– If you use your KNOTLESS BRAIDED WIGS regularly, you will need to wash them, but not all of the time: You will be able to wash them every three weeks. It will regularly be necessary to think about disentangling them. This operation will of course depend on how entangled your strands are.
– After each wash, it is obvious that you must protect and nourish your wig with the care that is suitable for it. This indeed depends on the type of fiber you are dealing with. Synthetic fibers will be better maintained with products containing silicone. Which is not the same requirement for natural fibers.
– Before keeping Hat braid wig in the evening, it would be better to dry it, untangle it, and put it in a dust-free place.

Remember to choose your undershirt:

Big knotless braids with beads are an important accessory because they will greatly impact your comfort and allow you to wear your wig better every day. An undershirt will make the contact between your scalp or your hair and your wig more comfortable, more hygienic, softer.

The liner will be very useful to you during the summer periods when the heat becomes unbearable. In such situations, it will regulate the temperature and thus limit the transmission of heat from your wig to your scalp.

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