Precisely What Is Herringbone Flooring?

Herringbone flooring is a style of parquet flooring. In parquet flooring, pieces of sound wood are arranged inside a decorative design. The flooring designs are mostly angular and geometric in design, such as squares, lozenges, and triangles. In a few cases, the pattern is curved. Herringbone wood flooring habits are an increasingly popular choice. At a glance, chevron and herringbone flooring patterns look very related. The real difference is exactly how the styles zigzag. Whilst herringbone works with a shattered zigzag pattern, chevron has a constant zigzag. Here is a lot more information on the way to inform them away from each other. Acquire more information about Parkiet

Exactly What Is Herringbone Flooring?


When thinking of a Herringbone design, you can be proper to think about a fish skeleton, although the your bones on each side from the spine don’t line-up. The name arises from a fish called a Herring. Herringbone patterned floors are made by shocking rectangles within a zigzag style. A herringbone style is common in tiled surfaces also. In herringbone parquet flooring, wood is lower into rectangles, as an alternative to simply being reduce in an perspective, and set up in shattered zigzags.


To make a chevron design, the planks are reduce into rectangles. Nonetheless, the guidelines of the flooring are reduce at an angle so that the points are designed to meet. Chevron flooring surfaces zig-zag to make a thoroughly clean v-form. Chevron wood flooring might help give your home a classic and incredible appear.

Why Herringbone

A herringbone design over a parquet surface offers benefits. Hardwood flooring in a herringbone style helps to make spaces feel larger. Additionally, they include some grandiosity or a bit of type to your rooms. As the upfront pricing is high-priced, the pattern is ageless and will stand up to the test of style-time.

Recent reports reveal herringbone parquet flooring boosts your home’s importance by 2.5 percentage. For that reason, the flooring is one thing of the expenditure. When promoting up, the flooring is seen as being a selling level. Like most reliable wood flooring, it is resilient and low maintenance. A herringbone routine may also be mounted by utilizing manufactured hard wood which happens to be more affordable than sound wood.

Designed Solid wood

Pre-concluded engineered hard wood is a great choice for herringbone flooring and it is loved by pros because it is fast and easy to install. Although there are several videos on social media to watch and learn from, we do not advise attempting DIY herringbone flooring projects.

Manufactured herringbone flooring may also float by using an pre-existing flooring, whilst reliable wood has to be glued downward. Nevertheless, it may be beneficial to apply sticky, dependant upon the condition and evenness of your pre-existing surface. Another benefit of engineered hardwood herringbone may be the intelligent high-sheen finish that needs to be worked challenging for with solid wood.

Best use

Herringbone flooring should be noticed. Which means that rooms with such flooring have to be clutter-free instead of over-furnished. The goal is to create a sensation of space and lightness. The herringbone design produces the impression a space expands. This is useful for small areas. The easiest method to generate a feeling of spaciousness or perhaps to create the impression that a place is bigger is to apply the right dimensions pieces.

If you want to hire a flooring professional, keep these things set up free samples. A common view is small obstructs make bedrooms appear to be greater, while greater prevents are more proportionate in big bedrooms. The key is usually to make your routine apparent. In a huge area, small disables could make the floor appear way too active and the real style is shed.


In addition to deciding on the best dimensions planks, selecting the best color is also essential. In the event the flooring is usually to be set within a home, and when that home has a lot more small bedrooms than huge areas, decide on a lighter color. This will help produce feelings of openness. Even so, the down-side of less heavy flooring color is that it doesn’t cover marks and scratches. If deciding on a darker color, the wall color should be light-weight to make a comparison to ensure the ground to face out.

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