Precisely what is Mobile Mapping

Exactly what is mobile mapping? Just what are its advantages? Read all you must know before applying Mobile Mapping Systems in your company. Have more information about Mobile Mapping Bristol

Why Gathering Geospatial Data

Once your target is city planning, road & road mapping, onshore & offshore mapping, emergency reaction planning, or developing digital maps, you might need to gather geospatial data. Geospatial data show where things are absolutely or relatively placed on Earth.

On the last several years, Mobile Mapping is becoming one of the more well-known geospatial procedures, allowing companies and scientists to record data faster and make accurate 3D versions, also in difficult situations.

What exactly is Mobile Mapping

Mobile Mapping is the process of collecting geospatial data from mobile autos including cars, drones, vessels, trains or aeroplanes. Automobiles could be equipped with a range of detectors:

Placing (GNSS, GPS)




Much more remote sensing systems

With these systems, it is possible to collect:

Light Detection and Varying (LIDAR): optical remote-sensing strategy that uses laser light to densely sample the top of the earth.

Neighborhood-level (planar and panorama) imagery: photos extracted from the perspective of people on the streets or moving cars.

Aerial imagery: pictures taken of any place from above employing any manned or unmanned aerial vehicle.

Advantages of using Mobile Mapping

Speed: Mobile Mapping is a lot easier than conventional surveying approaches. The truth is, as outlined by a study by the Association for Project Management (APM), it may be up to 40 periods faster than traditional static scanning tools (e.g. tripods).

Effectiveness: Mobile mapping systems enhance your scanning performance. For large projects with budget limitations and time pressure, the usage of mobile mapping devices enables you to become faster and carry out far more projects, along with your present staff. Consequently, it is quite a bit far more cost-effective.

Flexibility: Adding a Mobile Mapping System to your product profile means you may be a lot more flexible about price when discussing with clients, combining distinct mixtures of speed and data quality. In the finish, the customer could pick the accuracy and reliability level that matches their needs, or mix and match precision ranges for specific areas throughout the asset.

Security: Last however, not least, mobile scanners may be run slightly, through a pulley system, autonomous vehicles or UAV, making it easy to survey and map not reachable, harmful or aggressive situations.

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