Pregnancy Exercise: Reduce Fear, Increase Joy with a Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

If you’ve ever taken a yoga teacher training, you might feel your heart skip a beat when you think of a pregnant woman walking into your class.

You might even have heard scary warnings:

· You can lose the baby if you reach high up to the top cabinet.

· Your baby can be breach if you do inversions or other kinds of poses.

· Your labor can be harder if you do any core strengthening.

It’s no wonder there’s so much fear around pregnancy and exercise – it was only in 2002 that the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) first recommended 30 minutes of exercise a day for pregnant women.

And most of us only get a couple hours of prenatal in our 200 hour yoga teacher training.

The Ma Yoga® Prenatal Certification program is an 85-hour, Yoga Alliance-registered RPYT program that will help you feel confident and calm guiding women through their prenatal yoga practice, no matter where they are on their journey to motherhood and beyond.

Even if you’ve never had a yoga training, this program will lay the foundations for you to understand the essence of what we do on the mat.

Hi I’m Jessica Jennings, MS, ERYT, RYPT, and founder of Ma Yoga for Pregnancy, Motherhood & Beyond. I worked for years in a hospital setting with Ob/Gyns and midwives, honing the life-changing prenatal yoga principles I’m now blessed to share with yoga teachers everywhere!

The first three weeks of our live online journey together will focus on pregnancy and postpartum yoga. In The Yoga of Pregnancy & Postpartum prenatal yoga teacher training, you’ll travel through the trimesters learning principles to apply to the different physiological and psychological changes that occur; practice using alignment to adjust poses and sequences; create themes and learn the business of teaching prenatal yoga.

You’ll get answers to all your questions, including:

• In which trimester should we back off and be safe, why?

• What makes twists, inversions, back bends and core strength sometimes okay, and sometimes not optimal?

• What are the two known risk factors for negative birth outcomes we can should avoid?

• What are good pregnancy adjustments to regular poses you can use in regular classes, as well as specific prenatal poses and sequences?

• How can we help students prepare for labor?

• How can we reduce risk of childbirth-related conditions like diastisis recti (abdominal wall splitting) and pelvic instability?

• What are some uplifting themes that help women let go of fear and feel grounded and strong?

Then, we’ll move on to simple principles for common aches and pains including wrist, low back and knee that you can use with ALL your students. In The Yoga of Healing for Women, you’ll also learn to use simple alignment principles to prevent and heal conditions related to childbirth including diastasis recti (abdominal splitting) and pelvic instability.

And in MAyurveda, our online Ayurveda training for women, you’ll incorporate essential but easy off-the-mat self-care routines, daily rhythms and food as medicine for busy women. Take a deep dive into this 5,000 year old sister-science to yoga, and leave with powerful healthy habits for pregnancy, motherhood, kids, and menstruation.

There’s also a phone and video “Ma Mentorship”, so we can make sure you’ve integrated what you’ve learned into your teaching and you have go-to sequences and themes to start with.

In the The Ma Yoga Teacher Certification program, you’ll use birth as guru to explore the keys to co-creation. The practices and principles you’ll learn will support whatever’s gestating within you for your whole life – whether that’s a baby, a project, or a new way of being in the world.

I hope you’ll join me for this deep dive into yoga for women!

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