Preparing for SSC CGL with Study 24X7

The dates for SSC CGL 2020 have been announced (2nd March to 11th March) and the competition will only get tougher. Apart from hard work, smart work is also very important. It is critically important for you to start preparing if you haven’t already since you don’t have much time left. It is essential that you go through the syllabus so that your preparation will be spot on and you will not waste time preparing for something that is not required. Since many candidates are preparing full time, there is a slight disadvantage for people who work 9 to 5 jobs. Keeping this in mind, Study 24X7 has devised its preparation strategy in such a way that it will benefit everyone. Both free and paid materials are available in the form of an app, live sessions, YouTube videos, etc, so students can prepare according to their convenience.
This article will not only help you in preparing for this examination but will also guide you on how you can prepare smartly by using the resources provided by Study24X7.
General Intelligence and Reasoning
The ability of the candidate to solve logical questions is tested in this section.
The topics in this section are Decision making, Relationship concepts, Arithmetical reasoning, and figure classification, Problem-solving, arithmetic number series, Non-verbal series, Statement conclusion, Trends, Space Orientation, Space Visualization, Venn Diagrams, Visual memory, Drawing inferences, Punched hole/pattern –folding & unfolding, Figure Pattern — folding & completion, Address matching, Date & city matching, Numerical Operations, Symbolic Operations, Classification of center codes/roll numbers, Coding & decoding, Embedded Figures, Critical thinking, Small & Capital letters/numbers, Emotional Intelligence, and Social Intelligence.
Quantitative Aptitude
The candidate’s command over maths should be good to score well in this section since the ability to solve mathematical questions is tested in this section. The topics in the section are Whole numbers, Decimals, Fractions & relationships between numbers, Percentage, Ratio & Proportion, Square roots, Averages, Interest, Profit and Loss, Discount, Partnership Business, Mixture & Alligation, Time, distance & Work, Basic algebra, Surds, Graphs of Linear Equations, Heights & Distances, Bar diagram & Pie chart, Triangle and its various kinds of centers, Circle and its chords, Tangents, angles subtended by chords of a circle, common tangents to two or more circles, Geometric figures, Trigonometric ratio
English Comprehension
The comprehension and writing skills of the candidates are tested in this section.
General Awareness
This section tests the candidate’s knowledge of India and the world. The topics in this section are History, Culture, Geography, Economics, and General Policy & Scientific Research.
How To Prepare
Make a Schedule
The most important part of any preparation is to make a schedule and stick to it. Go through the syllabus and accordingly make a schedule that you feel will maximize your productivity. Do not sit for long hours and take breaks at regular intervals to keep yourself motivated. Be consistent and focus on quality rather than quantity. Instead of studying for many hours in a single day and then not studying at all the next day, try to study for a few hours every day. If you feel exhausted on a particular day, do something light on that day like reading general awareness or solve questions of your favorite topic.
The best feature of the Study 24X7 app is that it acts as a social network platform for people who are preparing for SSC CGL or how to prepare for SSC cgl. You can interact with other students and discuss your doubts, topics, books, etc. This will keep you motivated and focused.
Previous Year Papers
Solving previous year papers is the key to clearing this exam. Attempting previous year papers will help you to understand the pattern of the paper and solving mock papers will help you identify your strong and weak topics which will enable you to prepare the best strategy to attempt the exam. The most common practice is to attempt the topics you are strong in first. This strategy works really well in Tier 1 where the purpose is to clear the cut-off.
Prepare from the best books
Books play a crucial part in your preparation strategy. There are many sources online where you can understand the concepts. But to practice the questions, you need a book that has a comprehensive collection of questions including every topic and is error-free. Again, it is important that you go through the syllabus of SSC CGL as it will become much easier to choose books. There will be a separate article on the books to be used for preparation but to give you an idea, you should choose books only of reputed publishers like R S Aggarwal, R D Sharma, Arihant Publications, etc.
Smart work over hard work
With so many free sources to prepare from, there is no dearth of study material. So many options might confuse the candidate to choose where to prepare from. The trick is to stick to one reliable source and study from it throughout the exam. This is where Study 24X7 will come to your rescue. With innumerable Youtube videos and free and paid courses, it is your one-stop destination for all your SSC CGL preparation needs. The candidates who do not opt for offline coaching face the issue of solving their doubts. This drawback is solved through the app which lets you post your doubt, the solution to which can be provided by any student who has the app installed. Install the app today and use the free material provided there and if you feel it meets your expectations, you can opt for the paid ones.
Stay positive
There are a lot of external factors that might affect you and might distract you from your preparation. But you need to focus on your goal and remember that a few months of hard work will bear fruit for the rest of your life.
Clearing SSC CGL 2020 is all about smart work, dedication and staying consistent till the complete examination gets over. Since the time left is less, you should start preparing for today. All the best!

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