Prescription Swimming Goggles

Welcome to SwimFun! We are a Sydney based company focusing to provide good quality prescription swimming goggles Australia and prescription diving mask Australia at affordable prices.

Our products are carefully sourced and our customers provide very positive feedback on our prescription swimming goggles and prescription snorkel mask. Free shipping is provided for all our swimming goggles and scuba masks in Australia.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) reminds us how fragile a life can be. It reminds us to constant to improve our health and to do more exercises including swimming and diving. Prescription Swimming Goggles

To assist your diving and swimming, we continue to offer 10% off on Swimming Goggles and up to 40% off on Diving Masks. In addition, we provide Free Gifts for any order over than $60. Free Gifts include one swimming cap (A1), one earplug and one noseclip (A2). They value at $15. Moreover, we have limited offer for all diving masks for free no reason return. You haveZERO risk to buy diving masks (refer to Return Policy).


Splash into a full swim experience! Whether it is getting into the pool for the first time or training for competitive swimming, there is a complete range of swimming accessories.

Make your time in the pool more fulfilling and enjoyable. Select from a wide choice of swimming accessories like swimming goggles, diving accessories, snorkel, swimming caps, waterproof phone case, etc. Prescription snorkel mask

In addition, we are going to expand our products range from prescription swimming goggles and diving masks to prescription sunglasses to assist you seeing clearly not only in water activities, but also in outdoor activities.

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