Preserve Quality and Give Personality to a Home with Custom Drapes

What turns a house or an apartment into a home? It is the little touches that personalize a place. This includes the furniture that goes into the bedroom, living room and other space. It also includes elements like the colors of the walls, the pictures and art that decorate different rooms and even the drapes hanging over the windows.


Custom drapes are a great way to add a personal touch to a home. However, high-quality drapes are not just aesthetically pleasing. They can also help protect household items and make people more comfortable. Here are a few reasons why somebody should invest in custom drapery:

1. Custom drapery protects furniture, floors and valuables from sun damage.

Sunlight is a wonderful thing, but it can also end up damaging the inside of a house over time. For example, the colors of chairs, sofas, tables and carpet can fade as they get exposed to the sun over the course of months and years. Photographs could become warped and faded as well. Custom drapes can shield all of the above from the sun and the damage it can cause.

2. Custom drapes can keep glare off televisions and computer monitors.

Few things are more annoying than trying to work on the computer or watch something on TV and not being able to see. By hanging custom drapery over windows, people can minimize the glare on desktop, laptop and TV screens. They can get work done or kick back with less interference.

3. Custom drapes help keep a home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

In medieval times, people would hang up large tapestries to keep large, drafty churches and castles warm. Custom drapery can work in much the same way—thicker drapes can help insulate a home during the wintertime. They can also prevent heat and sun from becoming unbearable in the summer. As an added bonus, they can help homeowners cut down on their AC costs.

4. Custom drapery can shield homeowners and guests from prying eyes.

Most people cannot stand the idea of someone watching them while they are trying to relax. Thicker custom drapes can keep outsiders from seeing inside a house, giving a person reliable privacy and comfort in their home.

5. Custom drapes can add vibrancy and personality to someone’s home.

Last but certainly not least, the colors and designs of custom drapes can express a homeowner’s style and personality. When someone steps through the front door after a long day at work, they will be able to look around and say, “Yeah, this is my home.”

Smith & Noble is proud to provide clients with high-quality custom drapery and shades. People can choose from a diverse selection of motorized drapes, café curtains and much more.

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