Preserving the Past: Reupholstering Antique Furniture in NYC

Furniture Reupholstery in NYC at Amato Furniture

Antique style furniture is made using different construction and filling techniques.


For example, antique furniture uses hourglass springs instead of modern zigzag or mesh springs. These provide excellent comfort and need to be carefully installed and fastened so that they stay in the correct position.


Similarly, padding requires the use of horsehair and cotton felt; modern foams do not look or feel right and will only destroy the integrity of the item.


This is a professional skill, and most interior decorators are able to deal with antique-style furniture in a sympathetic way. Unfortunately, there are some upholsterers who are clearly beyond their depth and often used rags to fill the seats to destroy antique furniture!


Antique Furniture Reupholstery NYC is time-consuming, and when the seating area becomes bumpy or sinking, the rush of work quickly becomes obvious…


The only exception to the traditional treatment of antiques is the use of staples instead of stacks to secure the cover. Traditional stacks have large holes in the wooden frame than staples, and as antique wood ages and modern heating systems dry out, tasks are more likely to cause the wood to crack.


Therefore, most upholsterers should provide your antique furniture with a choice of tacks or staples, with traditional nails where visible.


There are many antique renovation experts across the country, and they will sympathetically restore your antique furniture to make it your future family heirloom.


Although the cost of this type of work is inevitably higher than that of modern furniture, if there is a suitable interior decorator and attention to detail, the finished product will be an investment in the next few years.


Furniture Reupholstery NYC is the work carried out by an interior decorator on a piece of furniture from the inside out to restore it to its original quality or better. This process may require re-adhesive joints, webbing, re-fastening of springs, new liners, and application of the lid of your choice.


A good frame is worth redecorating. The high-quality frame is made of hardwood, such as maple, akmu, oak, and alder. These woods are strong and durable and stand the test of time. The upholsterer can tell them by their weight.


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