‘Pretty Little Liars’ Reboot Coming From ‘Riverdale’ Creator

According to The Hollywood Reporter, there will be a reboot series of Pretty Little Liars. The series is under production from Riverdale maestro Roberto Aguirre Sacasa, which makes a lot of sense. If you were the fan of the popular campy, teen-friendly drama with murderous intrigue, then Pretty Little Liars was the right show for you. And what is better news than the show will have a reboot series.

Pretty Little Liars is an American teen mystery drama thriller television show created by Ina Marlene King. It is based on the novel of the same name written by author Sara Shepard. The series’ plot revolved around four high school girlfriends whose group fell apart as their leader disappeared. After one year, these friends reunited as they received messages from an unknown person named “A.” A threatened them to expose their dark secrets. The series casts Troian Bellisario (Spencer Hastings), Lucy Hale (Aria Montgomery), Ashley Benson (Hanna Marin), Shay Mitchell (Emily Fields), Sasha Pieterse (Alison DiLaurentis), and Janel Parrish (Mona Vanderwaal). The sixth and seventh season of the show, Pretty Little Liars, was renewed on 10 June 2014, and Freeform confirmed the news on 29 August 2016. Over 1.41 million viewers viewed the finale episode. It was the second-highest rating among other cable TV shows that aired that night.

The TV show was developed under a book packaging company Alloy Entertainment. The original title of the show was “Desperate Housewives.” Later, Alloy met Shepard and asked her to develop into a book series. Alloy, along with Warner Horizon Television, produced Pretty Little Liars. It garnered a vast fandom and two spin-off series, including Ravenswood from 2013 to 201 and Pretty Little Liars in 2019. The new season of the franchise is developed by Warner Bros. Television, which would not touch any character or plot of the series. However, the series will follow a new story and a new group.

The first season of the show premiered on 8 June 2010 in the United States. As soon as it was released, it became one of the highest-rated shows debuts across the network’s demographics. The show was also ranked one in key 12-34 demos and teens. The second episode retained the same audience as it had on its premiere day, which was 2.48 million. The show’s audience is dominant in Adults between 18-49 age and the number one ranked show on females teens. The audience later fluctuated between 2.09 and 2.74 million viewers. ABC Family confirmed twelve more episodes of the show on 28 June 2010 and completed 22 episodes. The digital distributor announced the second season of the show on 14 June 2011. The third show of the franchise aired on television on 29 November 2011. The second half of the third season was released on 8 January 2013 and aired the last episode on 26 March 2013. Pretty Little Liars came back with their fourth season on 11 June 2013 and aired the second half of the fourth season on 7 January 2014. Ina Marlene King announced that the seventh season of Pretty Little Liars would be the last season aired.

Pretty Little Liars was one of the most spectacular shows of 2010. The producers did the heavy promotion of the show. Also, the spicy and hot posters of the series helped the distributors grab the audience’s attention. Although the show received mixed reviews from critics, even in Metacritic, it got 52 out of 100 based on 14 reviews. However, the New York Daily News gave a positive review to the Pretty Little Liars and commented that the show makes the popular vampire romance anemic. A writer on Terror Hook reviewed that the show started pretty well and promising. The writing keeps the viewers on their toes, and the performance of the actors was exceptional. The mystery of the show was dark and unpredictable. The New York Post gave the series three stars out of five, saying “OK” there are no socially redeeming values; also, the kids should not watch it. They said the show is half good. The Los Angeles Times wrote that the show is one of the series which manage to mildly and unintentionally spoof the genre, and that is not a bad thing.

The reboot season’s screenplay will be written by Aguirre-Sacasa, who took inspiration from Archie mythology and gave the plot his dark teen murder spin. However, no network is still attached to the project. Still, it looks like producer Leslie Morgenstein and Gina Girolamo are targeting HBO Max. The show creator I. Marlene King left the deal. So the question arises, are there more twists to come, or the team will proceed with the project without her?


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