Men have many misconceptions when it comes to erectile dysfunction; some think it’s related to older age only can affect men in their older age. But actually, numerous reasons can cause impotence in men at a younger age. You can prevent Erectile Dysfunction with various methods depending on your lifestyle, eating habits, health condition, age, and other ongoing medications. 

Causes Associated With ED

As said before, you may have Erectile Dysfunction due to any of the following causes.

  • Smoking
  • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • Drinking
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension 
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Older Age
  • Neurological disorder
  • Chronic Disease
  • Anxiety or Stress 

How You Can Prevent Erectile Dysfunction With Various Methods

When it comes to finding solutions to ED, you can follow both long-term and short-term approaches to prevent impotence. It may also depend on your health status and tolerance to determine which method suits you the best.  

  1. DHEA- Natural Remedy For ED

DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) is a chemical formed in the human body naturally. This natural component is formed in adrenal glands, which further assists in the formation of Testosterone. Soy and Wild are the natural sources of this compound that can boost your libido naturally. Taking 50g of DHEA can help you reduce the symptoms of ED permanently.   

Possible Downside: DHEA takes at least a couple of months and can’t be considered as an instant treatment method for ED.  

  1. Daily Exercises 

ED is mainly caused due to lack of blood flow inside the penile tract. Penile arteries become slow at supplying adequate blood to the central regions due to a lack of constant movement. Exercises are the great way to put your body back into motion and revitalize your passive blood flow. Regular activities such as Kegels help your body to maintain a strong erection and eliminate impotence.

Drawback: It’s difficult for some men to incorporate regular exercises in their daily routines after turning 45.   

  1. Quitting Smoking

Smoking constricts your blood vessels, including the ones inside the penile area. Smoking cessation can help you boost your sexuality and promote the arterial blood to reach down to your penile section preventing blood blockage. But for Diabetic and hypertensive men, the problem of ED may persist, and quitting smoking can seem to be a permanent prevention method for ED.   

  1. Stop Drinking Alcohol 

During an erection, the central nervous system releases Nitric Oxide, which enhances blood circulation through the penile regions. Alcohol consumption can hinder this process, causing a temporary state of erectile dysfunction. If you are habitual to alcohol intake, you might want to consider quitting it before your ED turns chronic and permanent.

  1. CBD Oil Treatment

Cannabidiol (cannabis extract) is an excellent remedy against ED and can be applied externally as a stimulant. For men suffering from ED due to anxiety, CBD oil is an effective remedy that starts working on your reproductive system within a month of use. Massaging with CBD oil enhances blood circulation in the limbic and paralimbic areas, also known as emotional processors. It’s the best prevention method to reduce stress and depression among men. Provided that it’s a situational remedy for ED, CBD oil can’t be considered a potential cure for long-term benefits. 

What Methods Prevent Erectile Dysfunction Permanently

Although all the methods mentioned above are proven remedies for Erectile Dysfunction, they are still not guaranteed to render permanent and long-term benefits. Also, many of these preventive measures are quite expensive to follow in terms of money and time.   

  1. 1. Generic Levitra 40mg (Vardenafil)

Older men can’t seem to reap the maximum benefits from various prevention methods stated above. As you grow older, your body may not be able to follow or adapt to these therapies or regular workouts. At this stage, you need a permanent and instant solution for impotence. Generic Levitra 40 mg is a solution made for older men dealing with chronic ED or zero-degree erection. If you are worried about your sex life, it’s time to pop up a Levitra 40mg pill to get a hard erection and enjoy your private moments better. Take this drug about 30 minutes before you plan your sex session.

  1. Cialis 60mg (Tadalafil)

Enzymes are the smallest units that are in action during sex. Cialis 60 mg is a pill especially made for people with a severe level of ED. If you lack confidence in your sex life due to poor performance in bed, Cialis is an answer you’ve been looking for. It’s a well-known remedy for delivering you a long-lasting erection and extending your sessions. Cialis is also used to treat urinary problem benign prostatic hyperplasia and is a perfect remedy for people suffering from chronic ED.        

  1. 3. Generic Fildena 100mg Purple Pill-Sildenafil Citrate

Say goodbye to your early ejaculation and severe ED; Fildena 100 mg is here to make your sex session a memorable encounter. It’s a unique generic formula based on Sildenafil Citrate and the best alternative to Viagra that, too, at lower prices. Fildena is an oral medicine that goes famously by the name of Purple Pill. If you have chronic ED, least interest in sex, or premature ejaculation, it’s time to take this magic pill. Fildena 100mg is a top-notch solution for people with chronic disorders such as diabetes or hypertension. Furthermore, it’s the only compound that can be taken with alcohol and has zero adverse effects on your health. Consider taking one before 30 minutes of your sex session and enjoy as much as you want.


Finding medications or treatments to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction With Various Methods isn’t easy anyway, it’s not that difficult either. It would help determine your current health status, age factor, and other habits while looking for an instant cure. Time is of the essence, and when you want a solution in the quickest of time, taking generic medications seems the right option.


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