Prevent Explosion and Fire Accidents in Tanker Fuel Loading Racks With Intelligent Visual Flame Detectors


Loading and unloading tank trucks with flammable fuels have been identified as one of the most serious fire explosion risks in hazardous industrial operations. Tank truck loading occurs in various applications, including fuel terminals, chemical plants, and refineries. The severity of the accidents in these industries depends on several factors, including the product’s chemical property, the duration of exposure, petroleum product, and environmental conditions. In fact, the potential hazards involved in loading and unloading flammable products can result in significant financial losses, causalities, and environmental impacts.

Therefore, these tasks are extremely dangerous for truck drivers and employees without proper safety measures and equipment. Even the most seasoned workers could get injured or even die depending on the task they’ve to accomplish. While there are several methods to prevent fire accidents in tanker fuel loading racks, an intelligent visual flame detector has proven to be the most effective and safest option for preventing fire accidents.

What is an FDS301?

An FDS301 is an intelligent visual flame detection monitoring system that detects when there is a fire and alerts the authorities. It’s exclusively designed for hazardous industries where fast fire detection is crucial, and the device can detect fires in places where smoke detectors cannot. It also has several features, including being able to tell the difference between an actual fire and an appliance malfunction, which makes it more reliable than other devices. It can be mounted on the loading racks and covers up to 5200 square feet simultaneously.

How Does It Work?

The FDS301 is an intelligent flame detection system that can process live video images to detect the characteristic properties of the flame visually through fire detection algorithms and onboard digital signal processing methods. This detector is equipped with a thermal sensor and will detect any sudden temperature changes. Once activated, it will send an alarm to your phone or home monitoring system if a flame is detected within the sensor’s range of detection. The notifications are sent immediately. In addition, they provide the size, direction of fires, and growth more easily than their conventional counterparts.

One of the best things about FDS301 flame detectors is they utilise various intelligent techniques, including colour models, convolutional neural networks, fuzzy logic, etc., to detect fire incidents with higher accuracy in various environments.

Features of an FDS301

• Intelligent and vision-based flame detectors

• False alarm immunity

• Maximum coverage

• Increased sensitivity

• A flexible fire detection system

• Advanced optical verification

• Extremely robust


• Transport

• Oil & Gas

• Chemical Plants

• Renewables

• Storage

• Power Generation Industry

• Aviation

• Beverage Industry

• Semiconductor Industry

Advantages of an FDS301

• Reduced financial loss and causalities.

• Reduced fire accidents using the vision-based detection process.

• Enhanced accuracy, precision, and detection rate of the fire detection system.

Since the tank truck itself acts as an obstructing object for detecting the fire in tank racks, often a combination of flame detection and stationery extinguishing installation is recommended. Advanced flame detectors like the FDS301 are explosion-proof visual flame detectors that are proven to prevent fire accidents during tank truck loading and unloading.

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