Priest’s spell damage ability

Priest’s spell damage ability

Shadow Word: Pain
The priest has a DOT class (Damage over Time, which refers to a certain amount of time to give a certain damage) attack spells. This spell can last for 18 seconds, causing a damage every 3 seconds for a total of 6 damages, and the enhanced Shadow Word and Pain can increase the duration of 6 seconds, that is, increase the total damage when the mana cost and DPS are unchanged. /3, is a talent that is worth strengthening. With the addition of all talents, the total damage of this ability can be doubled when there is no talent, becoming the most powerful DOT attack spell in the current game.

Mana burning
This spell is only valid for mana monsters or players, can burn off the target’s mana (even if the target mana disappears), and reduces the amount of damage by half the damage target. The above data is based on the damage, and the burning mana is 738-780. This amount of mana is more common for ordinary blame, but the common blame is generally weaker. Even if you don’t burn their mana, you can easily kill it. You can consider using it. Mana burning as a starting skill, and then with a mental impact. The mana burning does not affect the performance of most elite monsters. Therefore, it is not recommended to use mana burning when dealing with elite monsters. Of course, there are a few exceptions. Please summarize your experience. This skill is very effective in dealing with a specific class during PVP.

Treatment class

Treatment prayer
Range therapy spells, although the consumption of mana is more, but the amount of treatment for a single target exceeds the rapid treatment, the use of the use of range attacks will significantly improve the efficiency of treatment. The critical hit of healing prayers is calculated individually for each target, and the critical equipment or talent is more effective for this spell. In addition, healing prayers will put you into all the singular attention lists that are attacking your team members, so that when you heal yourself, all the blame will increase your hatred.

Rapid treatment
A spell that has a slightly lower price/performance ratio than a large treatment (mainly due to lack of sufficient talent), but because of its high speed, it is still a very useful spell. Treatments commonly used in advanced copy teams (because the blame DPS in advanced copies is too high, using large treatments can lead to accidents) and treatment in PVP. It is recommended to put this spell on a shortcut that is easier to press. And this spell is not very expensive, probably as long as a Buy WOW Classic Gold can be bought, in addition, the purchase of World of Warcraft Classic Gold is very convenient, just go to online order Enjoy discounts.

Dispel magic
Instant cast, consumes 75/125 mana (corresponding to the first level and the second level respectively), the debuff belonging to the magic type of the divergent friendly army or the buff of the enemy type belonging to the magic type, the first level can be diverged one, the second The level can be diverged by two. Very important spells, whether PvE or PvP. The use of PvE also requires experience. For example, some buffs that are blamed for themselves are magic types. If you want to scatter, you need to try several times. (If the target blame is human, you can use mental control to see what type of skill it belongs to. You can also use the spell to view the target’s buff) and PvP can scatter many things, such as the priest’s power: shield, mantra Technique: Resilience, Master’s Magic Shield or Druid’s Wild Mark, Gathering, etc. If you want to quickly upgrade the game character level and enrich your spell skills, you can click on WOW Classic Boosting to view the details, our service can help You increase the game level with the fastest speed, making you the most powerful and best player in the game.

Power Word: Tough
The priest has a powerful buff that can increase endurance in 30 minutes. Each point of endurance is equivalent to 10 points of maximum health. The highest level of toughness can increase 54 points of endurance or 540 points of maximum health (70 points of endurance with talent) Can greatly improve the team’s viability. Don’t forget to use this spell for all teammates including teammates’ pets when teaming up.

Tough prayer
Power Word: A range of toughness that can reinforce the target team for a duration of 1 hour and consumes the medium (the medium can be purchased from media dealers in the city). The prayer of toughness can only be learned by the book dropped by the monster in the advanced copy. It can be divided into two levels, which can be learned at the 48th and 60th levels respectively, corresponding to the tough effect of the same level. The appearance of the pious prayer is mainly used to make up for the power of truth: toughness consumes too much Mana, which is easy to cause a pause in the copy strategy.

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