Primer on Group Medical Insurance Policy

Today, hospital bills are skyrocketing and a lot of people can’t afford such huge medical bills. One way to get access to quality healthcare is to have a comprehensive health insurance coverage. Today, many employers provide health insurance coverage to their employees with a Group Health Insurance Policy. In this way, a Group medical insurance Policy helps employers to attract and retain quality talent while employees have mental peace of mind regarding their medical expenses.


What is a Group Medical Insurance Policy?

A Group Medical Insurance Policy is a health insurance plan pays for the insured’s medical expenses as well as the pre and post-hospitalisation expenses. A Group Medical Insurance Policy insures a group of employees under a single plan and is usually purchased by employers for their employees.

Employers must buy group health insurance for employees to help them manage unexpected hospital expenses and take care of employees during tough times.


Today, Group Health Insurance Companies in India provide group health insurance coverage to as few as 15 employees.


Apart from employers, following types of enterprises also purchase group medical insurance for their members from various group health insurance providers in India:


  • Banks
  • Credit Card Companies
  • Registered Service Clubs


What are the advantages of a Group Medical Insurance Policy?

A Group Medical Insurance Policy offers the following advantages:


  • There are tax benefits of a Group Medical Insurance Policy as premiums paid towards a Group Health Insurance Policy are a tax-deductible expense for employers
  • A Group Medical Insurance Policyhelps employers attract qualified and talented employees
  • Various features of a Group Health Insurance Policy can be customised
  • Group Medical Insurance Policy Premiumsare lower as compared to premiums for individual health insurance policy for similar features and Sum Insured
  • A Group Medical Insurance Policyprovides Maternity Coverage without any waiting periods


What Information is required to Purchase a Group Medical Insurance Policy?


Employers need to provide the following information about their employers to group health insurance companies to purchase a Group Health Insurance Policy for employees:



Obtain Group Health Insurance Quotes Easily

Employers can share the above information with the various group health insurance companies in India to obtain coverages and quotes. The employers can compare the coverages provided by the various group health insurance providers in India and finalise the Group Health Insurance Policy which offers the best coverages at competitive rates.


How to file a Claim under a Group Health Insurance Policy?


For a group health claim, employees are required to submit the following documents to the Group Health Insurance Company:


  • Claim Form
  • ID Proof
  • Canceled Cheque from the Employee
  • Pharmacy and Hospital Bills
  • Lab Diagnostic Reports and Medical Reports
  • Doctor Prescriptions
  • Hospital Discharge Summary



A Group Health Insurance Policy for employees is an essential tool for employers to provide employee benefits in order to attract and retain qualified employees. It is essential to avail the services of an experienced insurance broker who can assist with comparing group health insurance coverages amongst the various group health insurance providers, help with quotes and assist with claims settlement as well.


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