Private Schools – How Do You Choose the One That’s Right for Your Child?

Education is something that your child will bring with them all their life. So, you have to make sure that they get the best and they have a pleasant learning experience. Discerning parents often choose a private school because they believe it will provide the highest-quality education for their children. Many private schools are also known to help with every child’s personal growth and development by teaching them to be responsible, creative, and caring individuals.

But how do you know which private schools near me are right for your child? Here are some tips to help you make an informed choice:

Look into its academic program 

Academics are the top priority of most parents looking for quality education, that’s why they send their children to a good private school. Make sure that the school accepts local and international students and that it has a good track record of helping students fulfill their educational goals. If you’re in Ontario, make sure it follows the Ontario Curriculum that exceeds the expectations set by the Ministry of Education in Canada.

Check its university acceptance rate

Reputable private schools have high school or the Ontario Secondary Diploma Program (grades 9 to 12) and a University Preparation Program (grade 12). They offer night school for part-time students, too. However, you have to make sure that they have a high university acceptance rate to be confident that your child can get into the university or college that they want, whether locally or overseas.

Ensure close guidance and assistance


Find private schools near me with reliable academic guidance counsellors who assist students in creating a personalized study plan for their whole educational journey. They should work closely with students to provide all the necessary help required, including university application assistance. Make sure that the teachers are certified and experienced, and class sizes are small so the educators can give personalized attention to every learner.

Flexible credit transfer and intake

The private school should have relevant placement tests and a Prior Learning Assessment to make sure that your child starts at the right level and all credits from the previous school are acknowledged. Consider a school with at least five student intake semesters each year, so your child can start at a convenient time.

About the Author:

USCA Academy is located in Mississauga and offers different academic programs ranging from elementary and middle school levels, to high school levels and to university level preparation programs. This school also welcomes international students to complete their OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma, Grade 9-12) or University Preparation Program Grade 12.

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