Private Yacht Charters In Komodo – All You Need to Know


Whether you are a diver, a hiker, a photographer or a nature lover Komodo National Park is without any doubt a wish list destination. The Komodo National Park is one of the few worldwide location under Unesco Heritage: it is a protected area by international treaties due to the importance of its cultural, historical and scientific significance. Land of the infamous Varanus Komodiensis, the park is a mixture of interesting and amazing underwater sites, magnificent trekking spots and hundreds of small islands which build up a particular landscape that you cannot find in another area in Indonesia. Explore all this and more with Komodo luxury cruise.


Cruising in the park onboard a Phinisi is the best way to experience in an exclusive way this amazing place; waking up every day in a different site, sailing with the sound of the waves and feeling the sea breeze are among the reason why preferring a Yacht rather than a Hotel. Also, privately chartering a vessel will allow you to tailor make your itinerary according to your desires: focusing on diving, rather than island hopping or traditional villages life visit, Barefoot Yachts Indonesia will suggest you the right vessel for your cruise.


Barefoot Yachts Indonesia Fleet is a complete selections of vessels with different design, budget and onboard lifestyle. When thinking about sailing on a private luxury cruise Indonesia Yacht, you might think that this kind of cruises are only luxury ones. However, our selection of vessels is focused on giving the chance to different budget wise possibilities. Choosing the right vessel is not only related to budget, but also on the vessel style – whether you prefer a Traditional Phinisi or a modern Yacht – the number of passengers, whether you are a group of friends, a family or a honeymoon couple and also the amenities onboard.


After pick up at the airport or at the hotel you will have a Yacht briefing and the Cruise Director will discuss with you the itinerary according to your preferences. Days will be filled with several activities: from diving or snorkeling encountering plenty of different marine life species like the infamous manta rays and beautiful corals; to hiking beautiful panorama spots like Padar or Gili Lawa sunset point and the Komodo Dragon trekking will be one of the cruise activities. While sailing, you will have time to relax on the luxury cruise Komodo Yacht deck, taste the food onboard which usually are fusion between Indonesian traditional cuisine and western dishes. Stargazing the beautiful sky is for sure the best way to end your day.

Inquire to us for more details and support for your cruise in Komodo.

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