Procedure and Test Requirement for Getting CSP Bank Registration

Many people living on the borders of socio-economic structures, especially low-income groups (LIG), economically vulnerable societies, workers, agricultural / factory workers, and women, do not have savings accounts and access to banking facilities. As a result, they face difficulties in keeping their hard-earned money in a safer place. Here is what CSP banking points have a huge role to play. The following services are provided through the All Bank CSP kiosk solution.

•    Opening a “no-frills savings account” in a kiosk banking unit
•    Depositing and withdrawing cash to and from your savings account
•    Opening a time deposit account / Time deposit / SHG
•    Sending money to any bank account
•    Withdrawals and deposits activated by Aadhaar
•    DBT facility for your account
•    Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Pema Yojna / Suraksha Pema Yojna
•    Pension Ataru Yojana

CSP Bank Mitra: SBI HDFC BCCSP Test / CSPII BF Test Process

Bank Mitra CSP agents must be certified by IIBF or the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance. You can pass the IIBF, and if you pass, you will get an IIBF certificate. This certification is important because it shows that you have sufficient banking knowledge to operate CSP banking.

To obtain an IIBF certificate, you can register on the IIBF website. Please pay the examination fee. Fill out the form. Then get the ID and password you need while running the test. You will be notified at the exam deadline.

If you get a score of at least 50% after completing the test, you will receive an IIBF certificate. You can use this IIBF certificate to become a CSP agent for any bank. You cannot be a bank’s CSP agent unless you have an IIBF certificate.

Process for online CSP registration for all banks

The CSP Online Branch was established with the goal of providing our customers with the best online CSP registration. You can take assistance from commercial correspondents and technology service providers for many banks. The CSP provider aims to support low-income workers and workers who do not have a savings account due to a lack of documents. Let’s see the process for All Bank Mitra Registration:

•    Check out the official site
•    Check your location in the list of available locations and enter the group code.
•    Please fill in the application form
•    Enter the block code and fill out the online application to complete the registration.
•    Document validation
•    Please submit the KYC documents (PAN, Aadhaar) and police confirmation.
•    Application approval
•    Once the fees have been paid and approved, you can start trading at Kiosk Banking.
•    Lead generation and refund

CSP Bank SBI Bank Account Opening Process and Client KYC

After completing the Bank’s CSP registration process, you will be trained to open an account after confirmation. What is CSP Banking’s Know Your Customer (KYC) process?

You can also visit the CSP website to download training manuals and documentation. There is also the possibility of training. You can open it and explore many new things that may help you.
Turn your store/company into a Customer Service Center (CSP) and provide your customers with banking, insurance, pensions and other related financial services! The Kiosk Bank Mitra CSP Business Provider model aims to provide easy-to-use, real-time financial services to nearby consumers. BC Bank Mitra is dedicated to expanding its kiosk banking service to metro / urban / semi-urban / rural / hill / challenging areas and establishing new kiosk banking agents nationwide.

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