Process Of Downloading Airport Utility In Mac

Apple routers are undoubtedly one of the best routers available in the market. It is best suited for iOS devices. You can also connect and utilize Airport services in Android devices. Apple airport base stations can help you set up a Wi-Fi access point with proper security. First, connect your device to the airport base station to setup Apple airport utility download. You can set up, manage and update your router using Apple Airport utility Mac. You can download it easily connecting to the base station if you haven’t installed it already. First, connect your device to the base station. Then, go to the settings on your device. Click on the Wi-Fi option. Now, click on the info button which should be there beside the network name. Click on manage this network. Now, click ok to open the Apple Store on your device. There you can download the Apple utility. Check the version before you install it, the device should be compatible with the version you are downloading.  Follow the steps mentioned below.

How to download Airport utility?

  • On your device, go to the settings.
  • Click on Wi-Fi connected to your phone. There must be an info button next to your Wi-Fi name.
  • Tap on manage this network.
  • Click ok and you can download the airport utility for your device.
  • You would require verifying your credentials before setting it up.

Another feature that Airport base station provides is the Apple time capsule which helps you back up date. Let’s see how to setup Apple time capsule.

Steps to setup Apple time capsule:

  • Go to the Airport utility and look for utilities folder under applications.
  • Then, select your time capsule from the list of available devices and click on continue.
  • Thereafter, you can simply follow the on-screen instructions to set up the time capsule.

The process mentioned above are quite simple and easy to follow. The functioning of Airport base station is a little different from other router but the steps are fairly simple to follow. In case you have any trouble, contact the technical experts for a guided solution.

For the smooth functioning of any device, it must be updated to the latest version compatible with your devices. Let’s see the steps for Apple Airport update.

  • The first step is to restart the device. Now, let’s see the steps for Airport extreme update.
  • Open the Airport utility and select your base station.
  • Enter the login credentials for base station.
  • Now, go to the menu and click on restart option.
  • Then, go to the advance options and look for update.
  • Click on update.

Follow the steps mentioned above and your router will be updated.


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