Professional Dental Cleaning Should Be the Routine of Each Family

Even if you brush and floss daily, you still need regular professional dental cleaning and exams every six months. Routine preventive care is essential to maintain healthy teeth and gums, and it’s best to get started while young. So if you have children, it’s time to find a friendly and trustworthy dentist who can help you and your family achieve better oral health.


According to the ADA (American Dental Association), personalized care from a qualified dentist is crucial for optimal oral health. Your dentist can determine the extent of the dental care, which every family member requires at each appointment, and provide thorough teeth cleaning that will give you and your family more confidence to smile.


About dental cleanings and exams


Professional dental cleaning and examination at the dentist aim to protect and improve your overall oral health. During the visit, the dentist will take x-rays of the mouth to identify hidden tooth decay, gum disease, and other damaging oral conditions. Then, they thoroughly perform the dental cleaning by removing tartar from the teeth, along the gum line, and in-between the teeth.


Most people must undergo professional cleaning at least twice a year as a preventive measure, but it may be more frequent if you have periodontitis or are prone to gum disease. Your dentist will provide a tailored oral healthcare plan depending on your overall health.


Benefits for you and your family


Scheduling routine professional dental cleaning and exams for you and your family will help ensure healthier teeth and gums. Here’s why:


Plaque removal – Buildup of plaque and tartar on your teeth and below the gum line puts you at risk of developing gum disease. Even if you brush or floss regularly, these actions won’t be enough to remove all debris, deposits, and bacteria from gum pockets. Only a dentist has the skills and tools to remove hardened plaque effectively.


Fresher breath – Bad breath is often a sign of gum disease. Rotting food particles and gum infections can cause a foul odor. These issues can be treated by a qualified dentist during a professional dental cleaning appointment.


Brighter smile – Are your teeth looking a bit yellow or stained? Professional cleaning helps reduce unsightly stains, thus you can smile confidently again.



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