Professional Email-What are The Benefits for your Business?

Would you believe that 72% of customers prefer to communicate with companies via email? Customers no longer like to pick up the phone when it only takes a few lines to connect directly with you; they don’t have the time or the patience. Instead, they want to open their email account and send a quick message, but to which email address? It is the time has come to create a professional email for your business. If you want to increase your credibility and improve perceptions of your business, you have to create email account for business.

Check out the three main benefits of using a professional email address for your business:

•    Your business is serious enough to have a professional website and email.
•    People are much more likely to remember your domain name and email address.
•    You don’t advertise another company.

You want to add another benefit you have observed in your experience creating email marketing campaigns for clients: enhance your email marketing campaigns. Let’s explore these advantages.

1. Your business is serious
Today anyone can be a business owner, as the barriers to entry into the world of entrepreneurship have decreased. Of course, you’ll need some capital to buy a custom domain name. Still, with so many new domain extensions available on the market for specific industries, you’ll have a wide choice of domain options to suit every budget.

From that point on, various free tools can build your digital presence. Given the ease with which you can start a business (and the consequent market saturation due to hobby businesses and potential entrepreneurs), it is important to establish credibility with your contacts and potential customers. Using an email address can quickly reduce that credibility. To get your prospects to take you seriously, you’d better Create Email Account for Business.

2. People are more likely to remember your business email address
If consumers are already visiting your domain name, they will almost certainly remember your business email address that uses the same domain. The more emails they send to your domain, the more your brand will stay with them, which mean that you are building your brand reputation. They provide you with the Cheapest Google Mails.

3. Don’t advertise for another company
The most important aspect of your business correspondence is to get the consumer to think of you immediately when they need a product and service your company provides. If you use a generic email address with a domain, you are advertising those companies and sharing half of your brand with them, and you will not make your brand memorable when the consumer needs your product or service. Claim that important advertising medium with your professional email address.

4. Legitimate your email marketing campaigns
If you’ve launched an email marketing campaign, the last thing you want is to end up in the SPAM folder because it means your contacts won’t see or read your email. To avoid ending up in the SPAM folder, you can authenticate your email campaign with DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail). Authentication is essential for carrying out your email marketing campaign.

It provides a traceable method of identification that proves your legitimacy to your recipient’s internet provider and ensures that your campaign will get to where it needs to go – the inbox.

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