Professional post-processing and retouching at Clipping Path

At Clipping Path Servicewe offer you the full spectrum of professional post-processing, from inexpensive basic retouching to high-end high-gloss retouching.

We are experts in large quantities for image processing.

Clipping Path Photography – Why we do it and how we do it?

Clipping Path Service has been offering sales-promoting photographic product presentations for the Internet, print, trade fair, and point-of-sale for over 12 years. Professional product photography and the associated strategies for sales and distribution are difficult to direct know-how, which is gathered from years of experience and thrives on constantly recognizing and understanding current trends and trends.

We are never caught in a process of “standards”, but look for the reactions and sidewalks of consumers in order to achieve a more direct customer approach and thus your success through our product photography – better: digital product presentation.

That is why we are not just a “photo studio” for our customers, but a strategic partner in the development of campaigns and e-commerce marketing measures.

Our implementations in the product photography are always looking for the sparkling key visuals for your products and the solution to the question of how YOU can sell your product better. Because YOUR success is our success – sounds like “slogan” but is a simple fact.
Of course, we offer you all “classic” services for product shots with and without decorations, low-shadow product photographs as well as Amazon Photo editing service cut-outs and soft-reflective product shots.

We are known for our high-quality, high-end retouching, especially for such complex tasks as glass retouching, chrome retouching, and metal retouching: “retouching that cannot be seen”, which means it looks real and not like a CAD graphic. You don’t believe all of this? Test us for free.

Product Photo Editing Service:

Product Photo Editing Service and image worlds in social media marketing have completely different intentions than pure object photography for online shops.

Interactions should primarily be triggered by emotional and trust-creating motifs, for example by factors such as added value or a feeling of happiness or success. Here we are your partner for creative and targeted product photography solutions that stand out.
As an e-commerce website owner, you want to develop yourself further. By connecting to a large partner network, you are ‘stronger together’. By choosing the right partner, you will achieve your goal much faster.

If you have any questions, please write to us at for further inquiry and/or quotation.

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