Professional wash & fold service with a feel-good factor:


At Liox Clean, by using our wash & fold service, you will feel food factors like home.


Feel at home – only better:


We too go on vacation or have a leisurely meal. We, therefore, know how important it is to have clean and well-cared for laundry. The customer immediately notices if there is a stain on the tablecloth or if the bed linen feels stiff.


That is why we process all textiles for hotels, holiday apartments, guest houses, and restaurants that arise when looking after your guests and much more besides.


We do it as if we were sleeping in our bed linen ourselves or wiping our mouths on the napkin after a delicious meal in the evening. Your staff should also feel comfortable, so you can entrust us with service aprons or chef’s jackets. Put your laundry in our hands, then you have time for the essentials – your customers.


By the way: You don’t use your laundry? We would be happy to advise you on our rental laundry program.


Laundry – as diverse as your company:


There is a lot of laundry in everyday work. This extends not only to work clothes but to anything that can get dirty in an eventful day. These can be curtains, kitchen towels, mops, or dirt control mats. Leave your laundry to us in confidence and enjoy the evening a little earlier.


You can book your laundry through the app:


Check step by step:


  1. In the app, choose the type and number of items you want to wash (or just iron).


  1. Enter your address data for the search and collection of parts.


  1. Select the best day and time for the collection and delivery of the clothes.


  1. Click on “Checkout” to confirm your request.


  1. Track your order directly from the application.


  1. Meanwhile, the pieces are cleaned and ironed by specialists.


  1. Ready: you get your clothes cleaned and ironed at home, at the agreed time and day!


Do you still have any questions regarding the wash & fold service? Comment to tell us and get to know Liox Clean, the laundry delivery app that came to simplify your routine!


Those who want to continue washing everyday items in the home machine can count on the laundry to sanitize the heaviest items and specials (such as comforters, curtains, and rugs), avoiding wear and tear on the appliance.

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