Project Athia Open-World Gameplay Confirme

Square Enix recently talked about their new project called “Project Athia.”  At the time of the teaser reveal, the developers revealed what their upcoming game will offer. It was revealed that the forthcoming PS5 exclusive Project Athia will be an open-world game.



In an interview, the President of Square Enix “Yosuke Matsuda” revealed that their team is working on various projects, including “Project Athia.” After the PS5 exclusive teaser release last month, it is the latest news about Project Athia. Matsuda’s biggest reveals from the interview were that “Project Athia” will be an open-world game. Players will be able to explore the open-world on a huge map. When it comes to Luminous projects, this isn’t the first time they are providing an open-world experience.

From the initial trailer appearance of “Project Athia,” it seems like the movement system of the game is well developed. A majority of fans are expecting that the next generation game will  be developed with similar tech. Hopefully, Luminous Productions might take some notes from the success story of “Final Fantasy 15.”

The trailer might not represent the final product. But, it does provide a fair idea of what can be expected. Even though no release date for Project Athia has been confirmed,  the game might get launched by the end of next year.

Square Enix is a popular name in the gaming world. They have developed and produced several interesting projects. One of their biggest projects in the JRPG category of games is “Final Fantasy 7 Remake,” which was a massive hit. Several gaming studios and producers are now aware of their work and willing to work with them. Luminous Productions is a newly established development studio but has the support of Square Enix.

There is a strong possibility that the Luminous Engine will make the game visuals stunning. Additionally, the game is exclusively being developed for PS5.

Currently, there is no release date of Project Athia has been revealed. A short teaser of the game has been released, but the game is still in development. Sony showcased the game at the event to inform everyone about the game.

Having the support of a popular developer or studio in the gaming industry matters a lot. Some established studios collaborate with new studios. The teaser of “Project Athia” was stunning, and a lot of people were impressed by the visuals and motions. Currently Project Athia in development for PS5.

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