Project Power Review: Jamie Foxx’s Starrer Has Surprised Everyone

The ensemble cast of Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon Levitt, and Dominique Fishback of the Netflix original accentuate the brilliant cinematography through their engaging performance.

It is easy to just discredit the movie as a combination of the 2011 flick Limitless and Marvel theme, but the pacing and acting of the main actors make this 111-minute-long movie worth a watch. The setting is in New Orleans, and the trio Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon Levitt, and Dominique Fishback give the movie an original feel. However, the concept of a pill has been used before in films like Limitless, for example.

The movie, directed by the duo Nerve Joost and Ariel Schulman, is now topping the charts of the most popular titles on Netflix since the time it arrived.

Dominique Fishback from HBO’s Deuce fame is a teenager who has to use “Power” pills to help her mom survive, who is liable to long medical bills without any insurance. The name of the character which she plays is Robin. Talking about the Dark Knight Rises’ Robin (sorry, spoiler), Joseph Gordon Levitt plays the role called Frank, who is a city cop. He also uses the Power pill to fight off criminals.

Robin and Frank are friends and help each other on the streets. Their life takes a massive turn when Ark enters the scene. Ark is played by the ever flamboyant Jamie Foxx of Django Unchained fame. Ark is in search of the source of “Power,” and in his hunt, he starts taking down anyone who is dealing with power pills.

The film goes beyond the expectation as it articulately sets up the action and keeps the viewer guessing. It cleverly uses the New Orleans set up. There are no monsters in this film. There are just humans with superpowers. Please don’t expect anything obvious from this Joost-Schulman flick.

The premise of the plot is pretty straight forward. Anybody who takes the pill gets distinctive superpowers for five minutes. The superpower that someone gets depends on their genetic structure. It’s also like a lottery game from the casino. You either win plenty, or you get nothing. You either get unfathomable strength, or you burn yourself alive.

The editing of the film does deserve some criticism as it is too hyperactive and jumps quickly from one scene to another with sporadic patches of darkness. This makes some scenes hard to understand. This can be a budgetary issue indicating poor Computer Graphic Interface (CGI), or this has been done to hide alteration between stunt doubles to actors and from actors to stunt doubles.

The film explores New Orleans really well. The downtown area and standard neighbourhoods make the viewer relate to his heroes quite easily. The grounded characters with an extraordinary plot make the movie worthwhile, although there isn’t much depth to the story’s overall structure. The lighting used by cinematographers, especially during night sequences, should be appreciated. The soundtrack given by very talented Joseph Trapanese intensifies the plot, and occasional use of modern rap tunes sophisticates the story, striking a chord with young men.

Amy Landecker of Transparent fame plays the villain of the movie, a scientist heading a secret group who distributes the pill. The goons protect her and use the same pills to fight off our heroes. There is a feeling among critics that Amy’s character has been underwritten. Rodrigo Santoro brings an exotic light-hearted flair to the movie.

If you aren’t looking for any deep movie, you can give this movie a one-time watch. It does have Marvel feel to it but, at the same time, lacks suspenseful edge-on-our-seats moments. The acting of the trio is excellent. Furthermore, the style and the superhero cum mythological set up will not make you hate this movie.

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