Promote your business activity with Dunzo clone app development to increase visibility

Delivery services are experiencing increasing demand with the growth of the E-commerce sector. The market experiences a demanding delivery service, and with the advent of the internet, most e-commerce platforms expect delivery service facilitated through online applications like Dunzo clone.

Then single stream delivery service, a versatile tool, is expected like Dunzo clones that facilitate grocery delivery to meat, beverage, food, and others concerning food delivery. In simple terms, an all-in-one Food delivery service app helps startup businesses to flourish to a broader range.

Improved precautionary Features in your Dunzo clone app

Improved advanced features can be incorporated into the Dunzo clone app to facilitate a safe and secure delivery service with the prevailing pandemic situation. This has a broader opportunity to increase traffic and visibility among the audience. The situation demands not to go out, and the only option for users is to book online. Either way, we all are connected.

Listed down are few precautionary features for your on-demand delivery app.

  1. No contact delivery- the delivery will be brought directly to the users/ customer’s doorstep, which is indicated to the receiver. They can take it from there without going in contact with the delivery person.
  2. Regular temperature check – every delivery person is checked and only let to serve on a mandatory basis. This feature by taking it online, they can easily track the temperature for confirmation and analysis.
  3. No cash delivery – to not contact each other, the customer and the delivery person expect an online payment method. This is easily facilitated through online payment gateways.
  4. Selfie conformation – to provoke the importance of the mask, the delivery person is asked to take a selfie before and after their service for the day.
  5. GPS navigator – the improved navigation facility helps the delivery person to locate the destination quickly. With a hotspot locator, precautionary zones are highlighted for the driver to pass through the way or take alternative ways carefully.

Final verdict

With these features, the users can easily avail their service at ease. And entrepreneurs are conveniently able to carry out their service at ease. Developing your Dunzo clone from INORU, we help you build a fantastic revenue streaming application with improved features and flexibility.

The market for food and grocery delivery applications is increasing. And this can be suggested as the best time to build your efficient business tool like the Dunzo clone app. So with no more hustle and bustle, kickstart the process of developing your ultimate Dunzo clone app right away to shine in the global market.

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