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The use of advertisement to sell products and promote businesses had been prevalent since the ancient times. It is said that the Egyptians used Papyrus rolls to makes sales messages and wall posters. Even in the ruins of Pompeii and ancient Greece, evidences have been unearthed that show the use of advertisement both for political and business promotion.

In fact the present day use of wall and rock paintings for advertisement was inherited from the ancient world. Just a simple count of the number of years through which it has been use is quite enough to indicate its effectiveness.

The changing phases of the Advertisement World
But the world of advertisement has been fast evolving. Now advertisements are no longer limited to handouts tucked between newspapers or large hoardings staring at you by the roadside. In a world where the virtual has an upper hand over the real, it may be justly said that the internet rules the advertisement world.

Having your advertisement posted on the internet means you are now visible not just in the local circle but globally and this one feature is quite enough to tell you why the internet is so popular in the ad world. There are a number of top classified sites in USA, where one may promote his business.

Classified Advertisements
Classified ads are a listing of advertisements according the product or services. It is called so because it follows a certain system of classification. Those who are acquainted with newspapers may have certain idea regarding this as almost all newspapers today have a classified ad column in it. Research indicates that classified ads are one of the best means of reaching your target audience or the niche group who are most likely to avail your products or services.

Types of classified ads:
There are two broad categories of classified ads. Although the content and information is more or less the same in both types, the chief difference lies in their form.

Classified text ads: There are simple running texts that give information regarding your product or services and are placed together with similar products or services under a specific category. The rates are usually charged based on the length of the ad, number of characters or words used. The usual categories include matrimony classified Ads, astrology Classified Ads, Travel Classified ads and the like. You may select one or more category and place your ad accordingly.

Display Classified ads: The display Classified ads are a more advanced form of the text classified ads. They may be in black and white or in colour and may include variation in font style, font size, headers and footers.

Which the Best Place to Display your Classified Ads?
Now that you know the different types of classified ads, the next question that comes up is where your classified ads best are placed. Though newspapers have been traditionally the place to display your ads, it is important to ask yourself if newspapers are as effective they used to be. How likely are you to search for a product in the newspaper?

Definitely the first place that one goes to in search of any product today is the internet. So if you have your product displayed on the net, you have it placed before the entire world. You can rely on websites that offer Global free classified ads and take your business to a new height. Book your advertisements today and give your business the promotion it always deserved.

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