Promotional Products – Printing a Logo

A often asked query is are you able to print our logo? There’s no uncomplicated answer as a great deal depends on several variables. Get far more information and facts about รับผลิตปากกา

1. Which format is the logo in? The answer can differ from a really hard copy letterhead to a rough concept scribbled around the back on an envelope. Due to the fact all or aspect of most printing processes currently is accomplished digitally, the artwork has to be made electronically. Illustrator and Coral Draw are two artwork packages employed as standard in the promotional products market. Artwork must be created, not imported, in one of those applications. JPG, TIFF and BMP files are usually as well rough about the edges to be applied as artwork, despite the fact that a higher resolution JPG may possibly work so long as it really is in black.

2. After developed as vector artwork, the artwork really should be saved as an EPS file with all text converted to outlines. This really is essential to prevent any font troubles, in the event the font just isn’t converted to outlines along with the font isn’t resident in the receiver’s laptop or computer, a distinctive font will likely be substituted.

3. Recent advances in artwork software implies that if all else fails; a logo could be redrawn promptly and cheaply inside the appropriate format.

4. Most promotional products are printed applying silk screen printing, exactly where the image to become printed is etched onto a screen, actually produced of silk and ink passes by means of the etched lines onto the product to kind the printed image. All artwork begins out in black and it really is the colour of your ink which determines the print colour. Pantone colour reference numbers are applied to identify colours and maintain uniform print colours on every single print run.

5. Some logos look like they’ve been created to become printed on the side of a van, with no thought as to how the final outcome will appear if the logo must be shrunk to match in a smaller print region such as on a pen or pencil. Equally, logos with multiple print colours, which includes tints or graduations, could look fantastic around the letterhead nevertheless, in relation to printing the logo with silk screen printing onto a promotional product, the price increases with every single print colour and tints or graduations cannot be printed.

6. Traditionally pens have already been printed utilizing silk screen printing, the design mostly consisting of name, address and phone quantity, often accompanied by a line art logo. Recent advances in digital printing technology have permitted promotional pens to become printed in complete colour utilizing digital printing. This opens up a complete new application as pens may be employed as advertising pens printed with greater than just contact information.

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