Proof Alcohol Ensures Maximum Extraction While Making FECO!

Beer, wine, vodka, run, whiskey and other beverages for recreational purposes contain alcohol. We know this very well and we also think that alcohol can be used only for this purpose. But do you know that alcohol can also be used for the making of beauty products and skin care products? Now you might be getting astonished, right! Well, that’s right as alcohol is used these days for the making of a wide range of other things apart from the making of alcoholic beverages. These are the products that we use on a daily basis and for different purposes. These days, the demand for essential oils, herbal oils, aromatherapy oils and concentrates is quite high. These products are used for a wide range of purposes and some of them also bring major health benefits. And to make them proof alcohol announced b y Extractohol is used as the prime ingredient.

When you are making tinctures and concentrates, there is always a need to go for maximum extraction. Without the use of the highest proof alcohol, maximum extraction of these items is not possible. This type of alcohol is pure and very efficient. It is the food grade ethyl alcohol which is considered to be very safe for human consumption and also for the environment. As alcohol is made from both grain and sugarcane, the cane alcohol is mostly preferred for the making of tinctures and concentrates. This is also called as the organic ethanol or organic ethyl alcohol.

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Only those sugarcane crops are taken to make such alcohol for which no pesticides and fertilizers are used. These crops have grown in a very natural and organic manner. So, the alcohol extracted from the fermentation, distillation and purification of their juice is called as the organic cane alcohol or highest proof alcohol.

Proof alcohol is a non denatured alcohol. That means it carries no toxins and that’s the reason why this is safe for human and also for the environment when it is used. As this is a very efficient and pure type of alcohol, it is used in great amount these days for the making of culinary extracts, herbal extracts and tinctures. Even in the scientific and medical like fields this type of alcohol is used as the disinfectant and sterilizer. It sterilizes the equipments as well as the surfaces and ensures that such tools and surfaces remain clean and hygienic.

The proof alcohol has zero displacement when it is poured over the herbs. And this occurs due to its purity. For the making of full-extract cannabis oil or in short known as FECO, the highest proof alcohol is used. It can give maximum extraction ability to the whole process and that’s the reason why the quality and purity of the final product remain always high. No matter what sort of alcoholic beverage you are consuming, the alcohol presence is must. Due to this reason, when you intake such beverages you feel very relaxed and this also helps in reducing anxiety, depression and stress like things to a great extent.

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