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The raid people have a new goal: the wild horse defensive coordinator

Auckland raids have always been plagued by the team’s head of the team. This will also become a big event after the season. Recently, there is a rumor showing Jim Harbaugh, San Francisco (Jim Harbaugh), is the first choice for the raid, and the team plans to contact this design after the season. Another name that has been contacted with the raid is Jon Gruden, but it seems that he is not too interesting to reap out the rivers and lakes.

According to the Miami reporter, Pierre Paul’s injury is quite serious. There is currently no official statement, only a tweet strategy is quite bad. This twemer user friend is responsible for Pierll Paul in the hospital, according to the telecommunications message, which may lose some fingers.

US Time Monday, according to nfl jerseys NetWork reporters, although Simmons has confirmed label contracts, both sides want to continue to negotiate long. None of the four players who have used the label of John Elway did not have a negotiation before the deadline, and signed a long time.

In the face of major Cheap Jerseys From China events such as the chos, any team needs to be prepared. If Hubble can’t be like the raid, the next goal of the team will be the next goal of the team, the next goal of the team will be Denver Musa-Rio (Jake del Rio). Del Rio served as Jacksonville’s coach during the 2003-200, and his extensive experience is one of the reasons why it is attached to the raid.

Fouler said: “This is rugby, every attack, every defense must bear the risk of injury. You never know what will happen, injury is just part of it. Unfortunately, I will return. “In the high school and university career in Fouler, I have never missed a game:” If I have not injured yesterday, the focus we discussed will be how good I have. In fact, my feelings are very good. “

Del-Rio’s experience in the United States Tiger has proved him with rich experience, and his performance in the wild horse proved that he also has its own unique understanding of defensive tactics. Del-Rio born in the East Coast is respected in the alliance, and the raid can be discussed with him after the season.

Vik is 36 years old this year, and the physical fit has not had no degradation. He achieved 10.5 killing last season. In the past fifteen years, only his four people with John Abraham, Julus Pepez (Julius Peppers) and Terrell Suggs can also have two people after 35 years old. The number of killing.

Jaguchi New Xiu Pass: I will return in the 16 season.

Jacksonville Jaguars first-round pick, defensive end Dante – Fowler (Dante Fowler) because of a knee injury will miss the entire 2015 season, for this sudden shock, Fowler himself did not behave how frustrated he It means that you will return to the 2016 season.

This year, due to the influence of new crown epidemics, the uncertainty of salary space caused the contract negotiation and slow progress. 15 players who have obtained privilege labels this year have no sign of approximately. Simmons label contract annual salary is 11.44 million US dollars.

Jaspelli Bradley Gus Bradley is still full of confidence: “He tells me that when he comes back, it will become stronger. Unfortunately, the injury is really important for him. One lesson. “Mike Tomlin, the head of Pittsburgh, also expressed his blessings to F Wa:” Rugby is like life, we will always encounter some challenges we can’t understand. “

“Can I play all the numbers? Of course, I have proved my ability. But is this the best for the team? What is it for myself?” Wik said, “I will not With the first attractive eye, this does not match my personality. I just want to help the team, help the defensive group. Even though I am going to be responsible for the three gears, or be the first hair and finish all the numbers, I will also be willing to do it. “

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