Proper rest in preparation for the USE: instructions for use


Still think that only slackers and underachievers rest during preparation? Today we dispel the myths of “break=lazy” and teach you how to allocate time wisely, so that
time to look at and never get depressed and burned out.

Why Recess Matters
Here’s a secret: eleventh graders are no different than working adults – everyone needs to take breaks, get plenty of sleep, and rest.

Of course, in the process of solving another test you do not notice the fatigue and do not think about the fact that it’s already four o’clock in the morning. You are young and full of energy, you can steer your regimen and your body cool.

Yes, this is true, but the consequences of such skillful “management” are rather deplorable: the stresses accumulate like a snowball, and the outcome is a nervous disease or exhaustion. Another possibility is lingering clinical depression. What do you choose?

We think that, after all, the most winning option would be the one that involves the use of all the possibilities of this resource also can not be excluded, which includes a healthy sleep, walks, sports and relaxation with loved ones. Let’s figure out how to combine business with pleasure.

All for a change!
Do you agree that it’s no coincidence that at school and even at uniwe introduced recess? Needless to say, even at work everyone has time for a coffee break or lunch.

Preparing for the USE is no exception. Here are a few easy truths to put in the schedule in big letters:

Get at least eight hours of healthy sleep a night;
At first it seems like an impossible mission. “And how is it that I have time to go to school, see two tutors, and then solve three more probes?” In fact, sitting over your desk at night, you simply take time and energy away from yourself. Try going to the web page once, you’re sure to be surprised at how easy and how much fun you’ll have doing everything the next day.

Take a 15-minute break
After you’ve been working on the quiz for two hours – drink tea, watch a webinar for another two hours – lie down with your eyes closed. Take breaks after 2-3 hours of work to be more productive.

At least one day off a week.
Yes, yes, the very full day of rest, which you can devote to a walk with friends or a favorite hobby. This will improve your morale and help “not to burn out.

Tip: When planning your preparations, be sure to include rest days and breaks. Regularly following such a balanced regimen will help you distribute your energy wisely and take away the anxiety of not having enough time.

All days as one
What to do if life has turned into a sketchy existence? Fix it right away! Groundhog Day has never been good for anyone.

What to do:

Dream about it: remember what you need high scores for, what goals you want to achieve. This will motivate you to keep preparing for exams.
Revise your regimen and get back into it. Add a pinch of variety, and the dish will play with new colors!
Challenge yourself: let learning be a joy, and let not learning become impossible. No, no, of course, not because of unbearable conditions, but because of your own desire. Arrange a challenge with your friends or take some extra tasks from your tutor, it’s a good experience that will help you move according to your plan.
Don’t forget to rest!
What to do if burnout is on its heels
The best option would be to talk to your parents and seek professional help, especially when it comes to physical ailments.

There are, however, a couple of helpful tiphacks to get yourself out on your own:

Take more walks: no gadgets, unwanted company or music. Just you, nature, and peace;
Have phone-free days: turn off all notifications, abstract from your TicToc feed, and be alone with yourself;
Get creative;
Talk to your family and friends, ask them for support, ask for advice, tell them what’s bothering you;
Alternate mental stress with physical: yoga, swimming pool, fitness relax and switch as well as the most memorable Thai massage;
Pack a trip to your “special” place: that way you remind yourself what everything is about;
Start taking a course of vitamins, but be sure to consult your doctor before doing so!
How to reduce stress?
You have not yet reached the Groundhog’s existence, but your nerves still go to hell? Some useful tips will help you “zero in” and restore balance:

A man is part of society:

Get out to hangouts, hikes and trips without regrets or worries;
Keep in touch with friends and family, the USE will pass, but people will stay;
Team up with your classmates and learn as a team:
It’s not just athletes who need physical strength:

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