Properties of Vacuum Desiccator

The bottom part of the Vacuum Desiccator comes with a thick punctured polypropylene disc with large holes in the middle for easy lifting. The bottom part of the Vacuum Desiccator is white in colour.

Features of Vacuum Desiccator          

The Vacuum Desiccator is supplied with a cover a stopcock with a spindle, and a plastic knob

  • It has a very simple design for drying under pressure
  • It has ground glass flanges
  • All the plates are positioned on an internal ledge in the base
  • It is designed to use under vacuum
  • This is usually used for drying moist products, and for storing of moisture sensitive substances

A Vacuum Desiccator joins an enclosure, vacuum pump, and a desiccant system for achieving lower RH values at sustained vacuum down. The Vacuum desiccators withstand atmospheric temperature, and process-gas mixtures during product assembly, anaerobic processes, or sensitive material handling. The vacuum desiccators eliminate humid air and fill the chamber with dry, and inert gas to attain neutral pressure. If wanted, this process is again repeated until oxygen concentration reaches the wanted level. Gauges & valves installed on vacuum chambers let for careful application and backfilling of vacuum pressure. The cabinet doors let higher capacity storage, and quick parts transfer. They are economical for upholding a dust-free enclosure with unnamed humidity requirements. The vacuum desiccators support moisture removal through silica-gel & desiccant canisters. The disposable Plates are an inexpensive option for moisture removal & they turn pink to indicate supreme moisture absorption. Returnable desiccant canisters deliver a low-waste option and the silica-gel desiccant is refillable. In some cases, a void chamber alone may deliver adequate humidity removal without demanding nitrogen or desiccants. Preferably, the vacuum chamber is provided with pre-treated & dehumidified air. A drying system is most operative when the air is less humid and the chamber does not need frequent access

A laboratory vacuum desiccator is a round-shaped closed vessel made of glass which is the most common lab glassware item and has numerous uses, such as:

  • Storing of standards in a dry setting
  • The Storage of materials for weighing to continuous weight
  • Lengthy storage of hygroscopic materials
  • Purpose of loss on drying of factory-made products

The base of the vacuum desiccator supports a pierced plate below which the drying agent is kept. Such desiccants can be renewed by heating. A small amount of cobalt compound is usually added which turns pink from blue and this lets you know when to renew the desiccant.

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