Property For Sale In Famagusta

Property For Sale In Famagusta — Famagusta Property For Sale

Famagusta property Market had always great demand. Either locals or foreigners were looking for an Ayia Napa apartment or Protaras Beach front Villa or opposite, an Ayia Napa Beachfront Villa and a Protaras apartment . Owning a Famagusta property was always their escape for summer holidays in Cyprus.

Traditionally, and during times that the area was less developed, many people and foreigners from the UK and Scandinavia bought properties in Famagusta and now living permanently. They own in Ayia Napa detached houses and villas or in Protaras apartments and townhouses.

Nowadays, due to many factors the demand is high. Famagusta properties and especially the Ayia Napa apartments and Ayia Napa villas are product ideal for foreigners with high budget and investors. Ayia Napa and Protaras are areas that deliver excellent rentals and can be very good business. Ayia Napa Apartments have annual high yields while Famagusta beachfront villas and Famagusta detached houses have also demand for short and long term rent with good return.

Famagusta property is enriched the last 3 years with marina villas and marina apartments. Ayia Napa marina resort and project is almost finished and investors can buy a Famagusta property at the marina with high rental yields.

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The City Of Famagusta

Famagusta town and region, or Ammochostos; which in Greek means “sand covered” is located on the east and south-east part of Cyprus and is extended all the way till the occupied cape of St. Andrew. The largest part of Famagusta region is occupied by Turkish troops since 1974 while the town of Famagusta known also as the ‘ghost town’ since after the war and occupation has closed down and left in ruins and condition as in 1974 was the most developed city of Cyprus before the war .

The coastal part of Famagusta region in the non-occupied part, the Republic of Cyprus consists of many municipalities and small towns. Paralimni-Protaras is the largest town and municipality of the non-occupied Famagusta region, while Ayia Napa, next door, is perhaps the most popular tourist destination in Cyprus, and famous party place globally. Paralimni is the largest town in the area and is primarily inhabited by local residents while both other tourist towns Protaras and Ayia Napa are dominated by hotel resorts, entertainment clubs, bars, restaurants; are large touristic places.

All the area of Famagusta region; as the name itself proclaim, has amazing blue flag beaches with golden sand, and is considered as the area of Cyprus with the best beaches for swimming, diving, and luxury holidays. The nature of the place is ideal for family tourism but also for the crazy young party life.

Ayia Napa is considered by many to top party destination in Europe, with hundreds of clubs, discos and bars, ideal for youth and young tourists. Protaras on the other hand, has also a great night life, and be smaller than Ayia Napa is preferred I would say primarily by families and more adult quality tourism.

Famagusta region is not only a great touristic place with beautiful beaches; has many more other things to visit and see. By the peninsula of Cape Greco located in the area is created a walking and cycling trail, where visitors and active tourists can use to visit the surrounded limestone cliffs, the amazing rock formations and the famous sea caves. Numerous boat trips combining swimming and diving can also be arranged and people can visit the area of Cape Greco and Sea caves by the sea.

Famagusta region is a beautiful area that combines everything a tourist seek: a vibrant nightlife, variety of tourist resorts and options, authentic fishing harbors, Medieval churches, traditional villages and natural parks. It is a place for sun-seekers, retirees, explorers and of course nightlife-seekers.

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