Property management: 4 great advantages for the owner

Manage property on Ibiza is a real challenge for homeowners. Not always, whoever has an apartment or house to rent understands the legal and administrative processes involved in a sale or lease transaction.

From the disclosure, through the credit analysis and management of the lease throughout the contract, it is necessary to have a lot of knowledge so that the real estate transaction is secure.

Charges and relationship with the tenant are sensitive issues and provided for in-laws, for example. So, the best way to avoid “headaches” and complications for you is to rely on the expert in the Administration of property on Ibiza – Know the reasons:

1. Property valuation and pricing:

It is not simple to price the sale or lease value of a property.

Many owners end up overvaluing the price, considering the location or other characteristics of the property. However, there are certain “market rules” that must be followed to calculate the offer and prevent the property from standing still.

Therefore, this is one of the first steps in the journey of Building management on Ibiza. Evaluating the property with professionalism and market information is essential to arrive at an attractive value for the consumer and satisfactory for the owner.

2. Disclosure, including professional photography for advertising:

Having a great property and calculating a good offer is not enough. You need to get it right since people are not interested in properties that do not have quality in the ad.

The experience of doing this work every day makes the real estate company a great ally when it comes to structuring the disclosure of your property.

The administrator of Managing property on Ibiza knows the best resources and techniques to develop effective ads. Even professional photos, which make so much difference to attract attention and delight the public, can be provided by the property manager.

3. Monitoring visits and attendance:

Housing management on Ibiza is very useful even before closing the contract.

When receiving visitors to the property, for example, it is important to have a professional attitude, availability of hours, clarify all doubts and show the advantages of the place in order to win over the new tenant. Owners do not always have the time or preparation to provide this service.

4. Credit analysis service and tenant profile:

Analyzing the credit history and the profile of future tenants is bureaucratic, however, essential in real estate transactions. This phase of the process is also part of Property control on Ibiza.

A good technical analysis, carried out by the real estate company, supported by fraud prevention resources and tools, ensures that the owner is not a victim of default.

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