Pros and Cons of Ceramic Coating for Your Car

Have you decided to protect your car from scratches? A durable and more widely used method is the application of the ceramic coating on the car body. Ceramics are generally described in superlatives, but like any service that retail, it comes with both benefits and disadvantages. What does the maintenance of a car using ceramics look like? In this article, you’ll be able to learn about the two sides of the coin of this popular method and also dispel any doubts pertaining to the process.

Why is it worth choosing ceramics?

Starting with the advantages of the ceramic coating, the impact of a shiny, clear varnish must be noted without a doubt. In the end, the car appears cleaner and looks new for a long period of time. Furthermore, the ceramic coating guards the paint against early fading and discoloration.

The reason car owners decide to apply ceramic coating is also to safeguard the paintwork from damage. The coating guards the car against scratches that are minor like sand and stone scratches, as well as small ones. It also keeps scratches off the actual paintwork.

It is also worth deciding when to put on the coating due to the ease of cleaning car paint. The ceramic coating makes a water-repellent layer that minimizes the accumulation of dirt and disperses water and makes car wash trips less frequent. In addition, once it has been applied, the ceramic coating is almost maintenance-free. It provides protection for a number of years depending on the model you choose.

Advantages of ceramic coating

To discuss the drawbacks of ceramics, one should be aware of the need to clean the car and this is particularly vital in the case of already used cars. It is best to give the polishing task to a professional. This way, you will be able to be sure that once you have applied the coating there will be no visible cavities or scratches that will be visible.

It’s not true that ceramic coatings totally protect the car’s body against mechanical damage. Of course, it can improve the durability of the paint. Yet, it isn’t used as absolute protection against the possibility of cavities.

Automated car washes must be avoided following the application of a ceramic coating to the car. Ceramics react with strong detergents in the wash, which can cause the car to become more brittle. Furthermore, it’s advised to use especially hydrophobic shampoos for unblocking from time to time and maintaining your vehicle in the showroom to maintain the warranty.

What is the price?

The cost is subjective and therefore, it’s placed as a separate item in the claim. The application of ceramic coatings is to be performed through a professional detailing service making sure you secure the car within your garage is difficult or impossible. Alongside the car-detailer process, the final cost is also influenced by the brand and durability of ceramic coatings. There is a variety of car protection that are available on the market for a single or more years. Their cost is the same as the protection time.

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