Pros and Cons of Group Travel

What make group travel or tourism a unique choice among travellers and tourists are its expediency and flexibility. But there are much more that you need to know to understand whether travel with a group is a right option for you.



Indeed it is convenient to let someone else to manage all the things when you travel. All you need to do is finding professional tour and travel agency or organiser, choosing your destination and pay tour cost. Then there is no need to worry about airlines, transportation and accommodation. You can spend more time with loved ones while having someone else who take cares of other tour related details.


Easy Accessibility

There are many exotic places in the world beside Antarctica and Vietnam where you cannot go without a tour group. It is almost impossible to get access to these places in general situation. Fortunately, tour and travel operators can set up trips to almost anywhere no matter how much crowded or isolated the places are. Popular attractions like Vatican Museum in Rome, always get over packed with visitors and create long queues during peak months. In group trips it is much easier for travellers to visit these places without standing in lines for hours.


Learning Values

When you choose to go with travel group instead of travelling by yourself then it is possible to explore more about the place that you are visiting, know new skills and learn the things you have always interested in. Tour and travel agencies understand the requirements of travellers and to refine their travel experience they organise educational events and activities.





Though some travellers often prefer to travel and see things at their suitable time and pace but if you are not interested being in one location for all day then it is harmless to pre-planned your itinerary through travel agency where you will have opportunities to experience much more in less time. It is also possible and easy to skip tour group and enjoy time in a way that you like.


Difficulty Level

There are differences in difficulty levels depending on places that you plan to visit. Tour operators always make sure the travellers know how much walking or riding is included at each location of the itinerary but there are always few events and activities provided by your tour providers that you may find harder occasionally than you anticipated. If you plan to spend your holidays only doing relaxation then wasting money by having group travel is not a wise idea for you.


Lack of Option

Though all tour and travel agencies offer best preferences on accommodation and food but there are chances when their choices may not match your expectation. You cannot control where you are going to stay but you are free to enjoy dining in restaurants that you fancy but it will cost you some extra money. If you are not comfortable with large group of people or tourists and care for your privacy a little more than others then you might feel more comfortable travelling independently or finding a tour operator that has experience in small group tours.

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