Pros And Cons Of Using Lace Front Hair Systems

If you have a wide forehead or if you have a receding hairline, lace front hair wigs are the option to go for. Nowadays, a lot of celebrities and influencers are also sporting the lace front hair systems as a style statement.

Lace hair pieces cover the front top portions of your hair which mimics a bang cut or front fringes. These lace front hair systems make your hair look as natural as possible with the appearance of hair sprouting out from the scalp. If you are considering to get a lace front wig for yourself, here are a few pros and cons that you should know about.

Skin Lace Front Hair System

The Upside of Lace Front Hair Systems

Natural Hair Scalp

The hair strands in the lace hair system are individually attached to the sheer base of the wig. This transparent material blends with your hairline to create the look of a natural scalp.

Versatility in Styles

You can part the lace front hair systems in the way you want without worrying about the artificial base showing out. You can incorporate it in a variety of styles and flaunt naturally voluminous hair.

Affordable and Comfortable

Many of the cheap wigs can feel itchy, making you scratch frequently. However, that won’t be the case with lace front hair systems. You can easily attach it to your natural hair and feel comfortable for the rest of the day.

Quick to Wear

It doesn’t take a long time to wear and remove the lace hair pieces. All you need to do is secure it to your natural hairline at the right place, and you are good to go.

The Downside of Using Lace Front Hair Systems

Prone to Damages

When compared to the other kinds of wigs, the lace hair system is flimsy and can get damaged easily. When it is not maintained properly, it can give a tattered look, which makes it not reliable.

Limitations in Swept Hair Style

When you have a high receding hairline, you need to wear the lace wig high up into your natural hair. Else, there is a high probability that you can notice the gap between the lace wig and the natural hairline when you wear ponytails or any up hairdo.

Slippery Wig

Some lace hair pieces may start slipping down the hairline and more towards the forehead as time passes. This could make you itch and give your fringes or bangs an unattractive appearance.

Low-Quality Adhesives

Some lace front hair systems come with low-quality adhesives that make it challenging to apply and stick the wig. This could also mean that the lifetime of the lace wig will be shorter than expected.


Do not worry about your receding hairline and get gorgeous, good quality lace front wigs for yourself! Contact a good wig specialist for lace front hair systems for a completely natural appearance that frames your face well.

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