Pros Of Investing Foodpanda Clone And Features To Inculcate In Development

Starting from their introduction food delivery apps have been popular among customers. Experts believe the increase in usage of food delivery apps is mainly due to the increase in smartphone users. The online food delivery market has grown by 300 times than dine-ins since 2014. These facts point out the fact that investing in Food delivery apps would be the right choice.

It is more expensive and complex to develop the app from scratch. Clone app solutions are the best alternative for app development from scratch. These apps have the features and aspects offered by the FoodPanda app and customers are familiar with the interface of clone app solutions. Here are the major perks of opting for clone app solutions:

Familiar interface: Customers are used to the layout and workflow of the clone app solutions. There are likely to prefer these apps over the complex UI and workflow involved apps or non-white-labeled apps.

Device compatibility: The app is compatible with Andoird and iOS devices. Customer users’ range is tremendously increased as it supports both customers. The app is built according to guidelines of iOS and Android making to fir for simultaneously release. In order to develop an app from scratch, it will take months to together.

Support: To the get the device running without any glitches there is a need for constant maintenance and updation. The app development companies offer the support to get the app running without any glitches.

Features of the FoodPanda clone app

  • Browse by location
  • Instant Notification
  • Live tracking
  • Search by cuisine
  • Referral code
  • Special instructions
  • Single click buying option

The demand for food delivery apps has further increased due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. The major portion of restaurant order takes place through Food delivery apps. Entrepreneurs can invest in the FoodPanda clone script and be part of the growth curve. Get in touch with Appdupe’s expert team to get the app developed according to your business needs.

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