Protect Your Kid With These Hand Washes

We all know how important handwash is. That too during these days washing your hands is too important. It is important, not only for us. But also for all the cute and happy kids in our home.

As you know, they are super active all the time. They play a lot, they are energetic, and all these things are great. These are symptoms that your little kid is growing happily healthy.

At the same time, it is also important that you are making sure that they aren’t playing with germs. But you can use the same hand wash that you use.

Kids are too young to go for an adult’s hand wash. Their tender skin shouldn’t be exposed to anything harsh to them.

That’s why the usage of a mild hand cleanser is important. But this should ensure to wash off the germs.

Here are the top 5 handwashes that you can choose for your child.

1. Zoe Neem And Aloe Hand Wash:

Zoe Neem and Aloe hand wash is a great germ repellent while being gentle on tender skin.

The handwash comes with the power of bitter medicines, aloe vera, and neem. The super antibacterial power of neem and Aloe vera helps in building the protective shield.

If you are searching for a new and mild hand wash for your child, then you can choose this one.

2. The moms’ co natural foaming hand wash:

Cleans hands without drying the skin

Moisturizes with Organic Apricot and Jojoba Oils

The momsco natural foaming hand wash comes with the benefits of organic Apricot and Jojoba oils. The vitamin A in Apricot helps in maintaining the smoothness of the palm. So, the tender palms won’t go out dried and flaky.

3. Koparo natural moisturizing hand wash:

Koparo natural Moisturising Hand Wash comes with the benefits of Lavender and vetiver fragrance.

The essence of Lavender ensures that it’s not only protecting the kid’s hand. But also ensures to cure if there is any mild wound over there. Since the handwash is perfectly PH balanced, you can choose this hand wash to maintain the best health.

The hand wash is formulated as per US FDA standards, and it is sans Triclosan.

4. Mamaearth Plant-Based Multipurpose Cleanser for Babies

Mamaearth plant-based multipurpose cleanser is done in a very eco-friendly way. The gentle cleanser can be multipurpose for bathing, face wash, and hand washes as well.

Mamearth ensures that all their products are eco-friendly and even their package products are recyclable.

So if you are super cautious of the eco-friendly and gentle nature of a hand wash, then this is going to be your go-to cleanser.

5. BabyChakra Natural Fruits Veggies & Toy Wash Hand Wash Bottle:

The BabyChakra hand wash comes with the benefits of orange and lemon extracts that keep the germs away. Also, the aloe Vera in the hand wash keeps it gentle and over the skin.

If you are searching for a citrusy and gentle cleanser, you can choose Babychakra hand wash.

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