Provide useful education services to your user using Uber for tutors app

There is a notable quote which says, Teaching is one profession that creates all other professions.’ Teaching plays a huge and influential role in our lives. Online tutoring apps are paving the way for connecting the tutors and the students. On-demand tutor app development is carried out by many to bridge between tutors and the students. Like every other on-demand service that uber provides, Uber also provided Uber for tutor app clone script.

tutors app

What are the features of an Uber for tutors app

Availability toggle for the tutors
Tutors can set the availability status on their app based on their available free time. They can turn off the availability status after they reach a sufficient number of students to provide services. Once they want to resume back, they can switch on their availability status.

Search for tutors using a search engine
The students/ parents can search for the tutor they want using the search engineer filters. They can specify what they want to learn, the location of the tutor, and much more.

Students can request service with a tutor using the app, This is notified to the tutors, and they accept the request. Once the request is accepted, the tutors and students get details of each other and schedule an appointment to discuss the class further.

The tutor set the pay per class, and the students who avail service can pay easily using the digital wallet. An amount of commission is generated to the admin of the app.

Students can also rate the classes they availed from the tutors, which enables other students to make informed decisions on taking up classes from the tutors.

There is no end to learning and enable curious students to take up classes using your Uber for tutors app.

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