PS5: Backwards Compatibility and Other Features the PlayStation 5 Needs to Have

PlayStation 5 is going to be one of the best gaming consoles launched in the market. The gaming console will have lots of great features in it, and we cannot wait for the release of the new PS5. However, we have created our list of features that we want to see in the new gaming console.

So, let’s go over these features that Sony can add in the new PlayStation 5 to make it even more amazing.

Backwards Compatibility Support

We know that PlayStation 5 will come with backwards compatibility features, which means that the gaming console can play PlayStation 4 games. However, Sony hasn’t released lots of information about the same. For example, whether PS5 can play all PS4 games, or can we use PS4 downloaded games or not on PS5. These are some of the questions that are in the minds of the people right now. But only time will tell what the new PS5 brings for all the gaming fans with it.

Save States Feature

It will be one of the best features if Sony adds it to the PS5. The save state feature is one of the biggest reasons that emulation is so popular among gamers. Using this feature, a player can save his game at any point of time and load it from there again when he resumes playing the game. Since Sony PS5 will have an SSD hard drive in it, it would be great if the company adds this feature in the new gaming console.

Free Demos

During the first PS4 event in the year, 2013 Sony had announced that it would be giving a free demo of every available game on the PSN to its customers. However, that promised was never fulfilled. But Sony can make up for that by fulfilling its promise through PS5. If the company does that, it will make all the gaming fans very happy.

PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus combo

The cost of both PlayStation Now and PlayStation plus is $10 per month or $60 for a year. If someone wants to buy both of them, he has to spend $120, which can be very expensive. However, if the company can combine these two in one single bundle like $100 per year, then it would attract lots of gamers to purchase these two services, which in result will increase the profits of the company.

Customizable User Interface

The Ui of the PS4 is not bad if we compare it to its rival Xbox One. For example, PS4 allows its users to create folders in it, which can be used by the users as per their requirements. When this feature was added to the PS4, it got lots of appreciation from gamers all over the world. That being said, it would be a really great move by Sony if it adds a customizable UI feature in the Playstation5.

Media Box 

Another great feature that the company can add in its new PS5 is a media hub. If you own a PS4, you can easily play videos and movies on it by connecting a USB pen drive with it. But what if we can save media on the gaming console? Well, it will be really amazing. Therefore, the company must think of adding this feature in the new PS5.

Optimized Update Sizes

Nobody likes to download 50 GB update patches for a game that’s like downloading a completely new game. However, if the size of these update patches is not this big, it would help people save lots of data spent on downloading these patches, which would ultimately help people in saving their money. Therefore, the company must consider introducing optimized update sizes with the new PS5. This move will be really appreciated by all the PlayStation fans in the market.

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