PSO2 includes a direct player trading platform

PSO2 includes a direct player trading platform, in exactly what you can trade and PSO2 Meseta that there are a few caps how much. You need VIP to begin direct trade lol. Trading is done. RMT would subsequently be carried out by listing an item having an absurdly specific price and having the gold farmer purchase that said item.

Cosmetic things being marketed for ingame money by other gamers is a mixed bag for me personally because I have seen the exact same clinic on a game called Mabinogi. I am not sure how it is today but when I played (back when firearms were released) the cost of decorative items skyrocketed and caused an inflation that made even ordinary items found readily in the game jump in cost. When the game started having a thousand golden was a landmark, when I quit it was anticipated to get it by the time you leave the first location.

I have played the JP version on and off, and probably won’t play the NA variant unless the translation group cuts off support for JP, which is unlikely. End match basically boils down to performing dailies for meseta (gold), then waiting for Emergency Quests (EQ for short) to popup, then running it as many times as you can within the time period, back to waiting for the next EQ to popup, typically every other hour. Progression is tied. End-end game equipment is typically untradeable, so it is just awaiting the particular EQ that drops the equipment that you want to pop, then hoping the materials or the gear drops.

Sure there is other stuff to do involving EQs, but by way of EQs, getting BiS equipment is for the most part. Which is pretty much the ending game of PSO2 I suppose from the top gacha. It’s a arcade game after all. And boy has the power creep reach quickly, often quicker than I am able to buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta catch up, though I’m not sitting at my computer camping EQs 24/7. Its fun as you’re leveling, and starting to gear up, but end game is a slow burn. Which makes it a perfect side match, since you just need to log into if the EQ you need is up.

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