Psychosomatic Disorders Treatment

Treatment for psychosomatic disorders varies according to the situation after the disorder is diagnosed, and although there are many treatment options available to relieve the physical pain associated with a mental disorder such as medications or surgeries in some cases, doctors tend to use physical and psychological treatments together to rid the patient of feelings of anxiety and tension that It causes him to suffer from many health problems.

Treatment for psychosomatic disorders

The role of the psychiatrist lies in raising the patient’s ability to overcome his health condition by teaching him intellectual skills to overcome the anxiety that he controls. Cognitive behavioral therapy is classified as one of the most common psychological treatments in cases of psychosomatic disorder.

Psychotherapy can help the patient and get rid of physical symptoms that are the source of delusions that stem from the mind, as physical pain is generated in some cases due to excessive thinking during anxiety and tension, which requires taking medications that accompany psychotherapy. Anti-inflammatories are one of the most important ways to get rid of muscle pain in The neck, which is caused by chemicals secreted by the body during periods of psychological anxiety,

طبيب نفسي the psychiatrist (chooses the most appropriate treatment according to the case after its diagnosis.


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