Why Use PU Rollers on Heavy-duty Industrial Application? Find the Right Answer

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To enhance the performance of machines, industries use polyurethane tires. These wheels come equipped with many features that make them desirable for a particular caster application. Let’s explore in this blog the primary reasons that make PU roller undeniable in heavy-duty industrial applications.

  • Load-bearing capacity – According to a PU Roller Manufacturer, PU is a better option than rubber as it simultaneously offers several benefits along with the load bear ability. 
  • Noiseless Operation – PU Roller gives noiseless operation. Wheels made of polyurethane are noiseless, unlike other materials that will be noisy during operations. Also, the wheels of PU make the ride smoother. 
  • Better for Expensive Floor – Hardly there are alternative materials on the floor than Polyurethane. Owing to the incredible features, the pressure on the floor is reduced to a great extent and shape is also maintained for a considerable amount of time. So, polyurethane is considered to be the most optimum option for expensive floors. 
  • Cost-effective – PU Rollers are affordable. They include everything in every aspect that you may be looking for. 
  • Grip and Traction – One of the other features of PU wheels is that they come with a better grip and traction. The friction between two bodies and the force pressing them together is the coefficient of friction. PU rollers are designed to ensure more grip in comparison to other materials and prevent the carts from flipping. Furthermore, the wheels can slide with no problem due to their high co-efficiency. These rollers come with high traction features that help to deduce the load amount on the wheel.

In fact, the PU Rollers come with countless benefits that are useful for several industrial applications. No matter what industry you are associated with, if you need PU Roller, then the most effective way is to find a renowned PU Roller Manufacturer that can help you with quality, affordable, and guaranteed products. 

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