PUBG Mobile Releases A New Look for Erangel

PUBG Mobile has been the most influential mobile game in the battle royale genre, and Tencent seems keen to keep it up. Only within a year of its release, PUBG has become such a phenomenon which was never expected. Google awarded the game the title of Best Game of the Year 2018. The game is a mobile version of the original Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds which is for the PC platform. The PC version of the game does not stop with minor updates but also enhances the already existing features.

PUBG Mobile Releases A New Look for Erangel

The game developers discussed several changes that are going to take place in the original map Erangel. The updates to Erangel has already taken place in the PC platform, and now the changes are coming to its mobile version.

Erangel is the oldest map in the game, as this was the map PUBG originally started with. It was only a year later that PUBG got its another map. Since then there have been a couple more addition like Vikendi and Sanhok to the game, but Erangel remains the one closest to fans’ hearts. Erangel is going to be reworked soon on the mobile platform just like it did on its parent platform.

Erangel 2.0 will come with enhanced visuals, terrain changes, and texture updates. The executive producer of PUBG Corporation, TS Jang, announced the updates for the mobile platform. These updates were added as an attempt to keep Erangel still as beloved as it is and to also build a bit of interest.

A tweet was released on official PUBG Twitter handle and also a video was posted on PUBG’s official YouTube channel, showcasing the latest changes to the map.

Erangel 2.0: The Changes

The areas that are shown in the video with significant changes are:

  1. Yasnaya Polyana
  2. Mylta Power
  3. Prison
  4. Lumberyard above Shelter area
  5. The ground between Mylta and Mylta Power

The video showed a before and after look of the terrain. The texture is the most easily noticeable change in the map. Grass around the ground is now greener and heavier. Buildings look less bulky as their surface looks smooth too. Also, a lot of hoardings are added to the premises along with several billboard stands for Tencent to use. This will provide Tencent more space to put ads on. The update will name the map Erangel 2.0. The video said coming soon at the end of it, but there is still no fixed date from Tencent as to when the update will be released.

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