PUBG Mobile Star Challenge(PMSC) 2019: 16 Pro Teams Qualified

PUBG is back with its annual competition, which includes pro teams as well as fan-favorite content creators from YouTube. PUBG Mobile Star Challenge also known as PMSC, is back with its 2019 edition and it just got interesting for many fans as the 16 pro teams for the 2019 edition just got released. Recently PMCO PUBG Mobile Club Open a 2.5 million dollar competition was held by Tencent, and it was a big hit among fans all over the world. Previous year, PMSC was held in Dubai and was won by RRQ Athena, but this year the competition is undoubtedly going to be higher. Just a couple weeks ago, during PMCO Grand Finals RRQ Athena, the world champions were wiped by a solo player which blew everyone’s mind. RRQ finished on the fourth spot in the competition and was definitely seen struggling.

So this year’s PMSC is definitely going to be interesting with new pro teams emerging. PMSC 2019 is going to be held in Taipei, Taiwan and will commence from the first week of September. Fans love the tournament as their favorite content creators i.e., streamers, are also included in the competition.

The list of the teams qualified for PMSC 2019 is given below.

Teams Qualified for PUBG Mobile Star Challenge (PMSC) 2019

Pro Teams Qualified:

  1. RRQ Athena (PMSC 2018 Champions)
  2. Nova Esports
  3. NOVA Monster Shield (NVM)
  4. Brazilian Killers Gaming (BRK)
  5. Elite Esports
  6. EVOS Esports
  7. GC Busan
  8. Bigetron Esports (BTR)
  9. All Rejection Gaming (ARG)
  10. Team Secret
  11. Team Soul
  12. Team IND (India)
  13. Spacestation Gaming
  14. Unique Team
  15. SCARZ Black
  16. Sixty Nine Team (SNT)

Twelve of these pro teams were in PMCO 2019, so the fans are already familiar with them.

PMSC 2019: Qualified Content Creators

  1. Kronten Gaming
  2. Dynamo Gaming
  3. The Rawknee Gaming
  4. Gareeboo
  5. BulShark
  6. Ken Boo
  7. Dita Afifah N
  8. Mitchel
  9. ARXIV
  10. Rolexx
  11. XinXuan
  13. Kisil
  14. K7kaiChi
  15. Alice MG
  16. Tsulin02

The viewers are mostly familiar with both the pro teams and the content creator teams. Seeing how the competition went on the PMCO Grand Finals, the tournament will be exciting to watch as no one knows the clear victors. RRQ Athena won $200,000 for the first spot the previous year. The fan favorites are RRQ Athena, BTR and EVOS, but if PMCO told us anything, it is that anything can happen in such tournaments. Several of the pro teams had different players from low ranking teams performing well. Mortal from Team Soul is going to take a break from the competition. The teams came from separate regions including North and South America, Japan, Korea, China, Europe, and Asia.

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