PUBG Teases Fans With A New Story Video

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds revealed a new video about the tournament in Sanhok. In the category of battle royale games, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has a huge fanbase. Since the launch of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the genre of battle royale has undergone a massive transition. The rapidly increased popularity of the game has enhanced the competition between players. Battle Royale genre has also helped the mobile gaming community.

Several games use various elements to make the visuals attractive, and now PUBG has been focusing on cinematic features. The following narrative and cinematic features will help gamers to engage at deeper levels. For some people, games like Fortnite and Warzone have overshadowed PUBG, but still, it offers some iconic features. In their recent 7 minutes video, they included some gaming mechanics who were facing some challenges while playing the game. Indeed Fortnite also loves challenges, but PUBG has done it in a uniquely cinematic way, which is something new and commendable.

The video showed the point of view of a PUBG worker. The worker in the video felt that the PUBG world is real and the rest is fictional. That battle royale match was similar to The Hunger Games, but the footage represented something new. It focused on some gambling elements and a team that’s trying to resolve the faulty system that allows the gamers to comment and watch live streams. After the incident, the team receives a lot of abusive comments because the system doesn’t work properly and shuts down. Before the system shuts down, a squad goes off the track and kills one member of the system management team. So the remaining players are tasked to locate all four rogues.

The following lure is related to the return of the remastered Sanhok map that is all set to arrive in Season 8. The excitement of players for Season 8 is very high because there are several interesting items and maps coming along. Remastered Sanhok will have some new locations and improved buildings. The chances of getting sales revenue boosted after the release of Season 8 are positive.

PUBG earned its popularity by providing great features, items, quests, challenges, graphics, and optimization. Indeed PUBG is a perfect game for many. In every season they release new skins, challenges, weapon skins, and a lot more things to unlock. Royal Pass encourages players to focus on the challenges more because by finishing the Royal Pass missions, players can earn great premium items.

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