Pulse Oximeter Fingertip for Kids with Warning Function

This Pulse Oximeter Fingertip has reliability and accuracy.Designed for children from 2 to 12 years old. Suitable for children with a finger diameter of 0.3″ -0.44″. The calculation of the Pulse Oximeter Fingertip can accurately reflect the blood oxygen level and pulse rate. This child’s pulse oximeter that looks like a penguin is very attractive to your child.

pulse oximeter fingertip

There is an abnormal value warning function. The screen flashes to warn of abnormal blood oxygen level and pulse rate. The SpO2 alarm threshold is 88%. The highest threshold for PR alarms is 40 bpm and the lowest threshold is 120 bpm. It is very helpful to pay attention to children’s health data.

And it is easy to operate. Just put your finger in the measurement, press the button to start, and take out your finger to automatically shut down. Your child can easily learn to use the fingertips of a pediatric pulse oximeter. (Note: Please do not use the same finger to measure for more than five minutes.).The calculation of the Pulse Oximeter Fingertip can accurately reflect the blood oxygen level and pulse rate.

The OLED display shows clear results. The product is lighter, consumes less energy, and has higher brightness. The low battery indicator provides you with an escort to monitor the health of the child. Please do not use it under strong sunlight, otherwise it will cause measurement errors.

Pulse Oximeter Fingertip Easy to Watch

You can accurately see the child’s fitness in 3 seconds with this child oxygen monitor. there’s no got to attend the hospital for blood collection, no got to bear the pain of skin and flesh, as long because the finger is gently clamped.

Pulse Oximeter Fingertip Accurate & Reliable

It can monitor your child’s physical data accurately and non-invasively. WELLUE pediatric oxygen saturation monitor has strong technical support, using red/R light and near-infrared light because the incident light . The device can calculate SpO2, pulse , pulse wave and PI.

Child’s guardian—The abnormal value warning function.
When the child’s blood oxygen level is less than 88%, or the heart beat rate is less than 40bpm/higher than 120bpm, the corresponding readings on the oximeter screen will flash to remind you.

Pulse Oximeter Fingertip Easy to Use

  • We recommend index , finger and annualry are suitable position for monitor.
  • Press rock bottom to open the probe.
  • Insert the finger into rock bottom of machine.
  • Press the operating button to activate the oximeter.

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