Purchase Figs from supplier & Eat to Get Wholesome Health Benefits

Figs are one of the oldest fruits known to the mankind. It was one of the favorite’s Cleopatra’s fruit and even first picked by Eve instead of appel.  Figs provide endless skin, health and hair benefits.  So, if you are eating high quality figs in good quantity by purchasing them from Fig supplier, you are doing the right thing. Before taking a look at these benefits, let’s uncover some of the unknown facts associated with this tear-shaped fruit.

Fast Facts on Figs

  • It is the fruit belongs to the Mulberry family. The tree of the fig has a long shelf life of over 100 years.
  • It is known by different names in different languages. For instance, it is anjeer in Hindi, Anjura in Kannada and Atti Pazham in Tamil and Malayalam.
  • Though cultivated around the world, figs are native to the Western Asia and the Middle East.
  • The initial color of the figs was green i.e. at the time of growing but turns to brown or purple once they ripe.
  • It tastes chewy and sweet, and the fresh figs are available for the limited season only. One can buy dried figs from fig suppliers throughout the year.
  • White, red, yellow, green and purple are few colors in which fig fruit is available. Thus, you can eat them in a raw form, dried them or even use it for making delicious recipes.

Now, let’s discuss about its benefits

Skin Benefits of Eating Figs: The fig extracts have anti-collagenase and antioxidative properties due to which it helps in reducing the wrinkles depth. It keeps the skin hydrated and the skin-related problems like acne, freckles and hyper pigmentation at a bay. You can prepare a fig mask (scooping out flesh of the fig, mash it with yogurt) and apply it on the skin for getting the lost glow. It is a rich source of vitamin C also so if you eat it regularly or apply its mask, your skin will become supple and soft. For this, make sure to purchase organic figs from suppliers.

Hair Benefits of Figs: In the hair care industry, this is one fruit which is very popular. The fig extracts have amazing conditioning properties. Even the extract helps in detangling of hair and moistures the scalp as well. All hair-friendly nutrients like vitamin E, vitamin C and magnesium help in promoting hair growth. Luckily, figs contain all.

Health Benefits: The endless health benefits of eating figs are:

  1. It enhances digestive health. For this, soak 2-3 figs in water for an overnight and consume it the next morning with honey.
  2. Figs contain a soluble fiber that helps in reducing cholesterol levels whereas dried figs contain omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that also lower down cholesterol levels.
  3. It strengthens the bone by providing magnesium, potassium and calcium to the body.
  4. It prevents colon and breast cancer

So, if you are still not eating figs, this is the right time to do so. Contact fig suppliers and purchase them in bulk quantity to get health, skin and hair benefits.

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