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Garlic Suppliers

An excellent source of vitamin A and C, garlic is one vegetable that is a storehouse of nutrients. It contains selenium, potassium, phosphors and helps in maintaining healthy level of cholesterol in the body when consumed in moderation. It is not only nutritious but delicious also. Of late, not only professional chefs, even housewives are adding this magical vegetable in every savory dish to make it healthy and lip-smacking. For getting all these benefits, purchase high quality and spotless Garlic suppliers from online reputed store at affordable cost.

Most of the people have notion that garlic comes in two forms but it is a half fact. It comes in three varieties: hardneck, softneck and elephant garlic. Amongst these three varieties, the first two are more popular and easy to purchase from garlic suppliers. Let’s understand the difference between these three varieties:

Hardneck Garlic: Best grown in cold weather conditions, hardneck garlic contains four to twelve cloves in each bulb. All the cloves are uniform in size and have a strong flavor. This variety is hard to braid and it’s shelf life is also less than six months. The best thing about hardneck garlic is it is easy to peel. Rocambole is the most common kind of hardneck garlic variety.

Softneck Garlic: This variety of garlic is easy to store for the longest duration and one bulb contains 15-20 cloves. However, the size of each clove is smaller than the hardneck variety. Usually grown in the countries having temperate climates, garlic suppliers easily supply the best quality of softneck garlic as per the demand of customers.  As compared to the hardneck, the cloves are less flavorful and have mild taste. The artichoke and silverskin are the two most common varieties of the softneck variety.

Elephant Garlic: As the name clearly indicates, elephant garlic is the longest of all the three varieties and has a mild flavor. Just like hardneck, even elephant garlic is not easy to braid but it has a good shelf life of 6 months to 1 year.

Just like many vegetables, even garlic is a multi-purpose vegetable. Some of the unusual uses of garlic are:

  1. Creepy crawlies like squash bugs, cabbage loopers and aphids, etc., are capable of destroying the produce of a garden. So, protect your plantation by preparing a garlic pesticide spray.  Garlic suppliers agree with the fact that many people buy the garlic just for safeguarding their organic garden from harmful attacks of the pests.
  2. Garlic juice acts as a natural adhesive by filing little gaps in glass and can easily hold them together.
  3. If an ear infection is troubling you, garlic can be at your rescue. For this, crush few cloves of garlic and place it in hot olive oil for five minutes. Allow it to cool and drop a few drops into the ear canal.

Like this, there are many other uses of garlic. So, keep a huge stock of garlic by purchasing it from garlic suppliers and use it in multiple ways right from improving your health to making lip-smacking food.

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