Purchase Vanilla Beans in Wholesale to Get Flawless and Radiant Skin

Vanilla beans in wholesale

When the word vanilla strikes in the mind, the first thing that pops up is fruity and sweet flavor. The rich aroma and fruity flavor of the vanilla satiates the palate and this is the main reason that it has extensive usage in baked dishes like cake, pudding and pancakes. But did you know vanilla beans and their extract help in restoring young and shining skin? Not only professional chefs, even beauty experts buy Vanilla beans in wholesale quantity to offer natural treatments for various skin problems.

Vanilla is a storehouse of essential nutrients and vitamins like niacin, vitamin B6, riboflavin, thiamin and pantothenic acid. All these ingredients help in maintaining and promoting skin health. So, let’s take a look that how one can add vanilla beans in her beauty regime. You can either purchase all-natural vanilla extract or prepare it at home by purchasing high-quality vanilla beans in wholesale. Some of the unique ways to use it in your skincare regime are as follows:

  1. For Fighting Acne: Vanilla is considered as a highly effective and natural anti-acne product. The presence of vanillin in the extract is rich in antioxidant and antibacterial properties that prevent breakouts and provide relief from skin redness. To get rid from acne, simply use a few drops of vanilla extract on your acne-prone skin. Leave it for an overnight and rinse your face in the morning. This will clear your acne in the most painless manner.
  2. Treating Wrinkles: As mentioned earlier, vanilla is a rich in antioxidants and it helps in reversing skin damaging and ageing symptoms like age spots and fine lines. Use vanilla essential oil and add a few drops in the lightweight argan oil. Massage your facial skin with this mixture every night to restore its suppleness. Once you use it regularly, you will experience supple and radiant skin.
  3. Brightening Dry Skin: Dry skin loses its elasticity quickly as compared to oily skin due to constant exposure to environment pollutants and toxins. The vanilla is loaded with vitamins B that play a crucial role in maintaining healthy skin. For this, purchase vanilla beans at a wholesale rate from online suppliers. Take 5 to 6 vanilla pods and scrape out the brown extract. Mix the extract either with rice powder or with ground brown sugar and add 2 drops of vanilla essential oil along with lemon juice. Make a smooth paste of all the ingredients and apply it on your skin for 10 minutes. After that, rinse the face first with warm and then with cold water to tone the skin. This will make your skin radiant and shiny.

Beauty experts even recommend using vanilla beans for improving hair quality and restoring the lost shine. Believe it or not but it is true. If you do not want to struggle a lot, another way is to purchase all-natural skincare products containing vanilla extract as a main ingredient. You can easily find these products in the online marketplace at affordable rates. So, if you are facing any of these aforementioned skin issues, try to resolve it by using highly effective vanilla beans purchased at a wholesale rate from online suppliers.

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